Engagement Session - It's all about the shoes

Alexis’ Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

Engagement Session - It's all about the shoes

Alexis’ Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

Hi, my name is Alexis, I work as an intern for Uncorked Studios. I help around the office, filing things and working with photos on the computer, but I also help out in the field too.  I go along with Jen and Travis, and whether it be carrying materials, or lighting the scene, or even helping photograph; I’m always eager to learn what I can from them.

Uncorked Studios - Behind the Scenes with Intern Alexis

I’ve always had a passion for art; drawing, painting or photos. It’s because of Jen and Travis however that I found an even greater passion for capturing the fond memories and big days in peoples lives. And what’s as much fun as taking pictures in my opinion? Looking at awesome photos!

So here are some of my favorites from the engagement shoots I assisted on…..

(in no particular order)

Rachel & Matt

The moment just before the kiss at a Virginia Engagement Session

That “almost” moment when your lips are about to touch, the happiness, the excitement of days to come. Such a beautiful “moment before the kiss” picture. I just love how fairy tale kiss this is. Her arms draped of his shoulders, him leaning in, she’s like a princess finally getting to kiss her prince charming. It’s the kiss before you cut to black in a movie, the one everyone was waiting for the entire film.

Trisha & Bryan

Golden Hour Engagement Session

I like this one because Bryan divulged to us that he had proposed to Trisha on a ski mountain, and even though its spring at a vineyard, they were still game for dressing up in ski gear to reenact the proposal. This picture shows who they are as a couple and makes a statement. They aren’t afraid to be unique and show their love in any way.

Neha & Jithin

Black and White Airport Engagement Session with an Indian Couple

The Casablanca vibe from this is astounding.  Her sultry look as she looks off into the distance, and his stoic gaze in his spiffy suit really add color to this black and white picture. It’s easy to see the couple is trying to get away, they’ve got their luggage ready and waiting, now all they need is a pilot.  And no matter how hard I try and think otherwise, black and white photos have some kind of classy, sexy vibe about them.

Kelly & Tom

Bethlehem Winter Engagement Session with train tracks

I just love how much fun it looks like she’s having trying to walk straight on the railroad, and how he supports her, making sure she won’t fall into the cold snow. I like how dramatic the lines are of the mostly hidden train tracks and how when you first glance at the photo your eye is immediately drawn to the couple. The white of the snow beautifully contrasts their dark jackets and it really brings out the blue in their jeans.

Luke & Michelle

Ridley Creek State Park engagement session

The hidden grotto, by a stone staircase just has an enchanting feel to it. All of the greens and browns make the couple really stand out in their brilliant white outfits. I love the dynamic of this. The stairs in the middle, bright, green trees in the distance, the couple illuminated in the first third of the picture, and the arc of the darker trees surrounding them. It just has a very private, personal feel to it.

Ashley & Bryan

Sweet engagement photo at the Waterworks

I like this because they’re both smiling and it feels like you can sense (for lack of a better word) the love between these two. You know they enjoy being in each others’ arms and being close just by looking at their expressions. Where his smile is big and wide, hers is soft and feminine. Their faces show their personalities and I find it sweet and very true to them.

Kelly & J.J.

Playful engagement photo with tie

The bright red of her shirt, the ‘come hither’ look in her eyes, and his nonchalant smile and stance; the humor in this is beautiful and simplistic. The vibe I get from this is he is so entranced by his lovely fiancé that no matter what she asks, he’ll do it with a grin on his face and all she’d need to do his bat her eyes at him, and she totally uses that to her advantage!

Thank you

Thanks for sticking through my mushy spiel about these photos, I love to look at the photos and pick out things I like. Like, “Oh! her shirt is awesome”, or “Wow the set up of this one is fantastic!” And even maybe some as simple as, “I think this one’s pretty.” Even if I can’t explain why, it’s still fun to share with all of you. Thanks again!

Uncorked Studios - Behind the Scenes with Intern Alexis

Cheers Love and Luck, Alexis


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