Annapolis and Naval Academy Good Times | Annapolis Maryland | Katelyn & Leighton’s Engagement Session Highlights

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Annapolis Navy Good Times  | Annapolis Maryland
Katelyn & Leighton’s Engagement Session Highlights

Scenario: Drive to Annapolis in August to photograph a sailer and his beautiful fiancée on a lovely summer friday. Done AND done!

So wonderful to see Katelyn and Leighton and receive a tour of of the very spectacular United States Naval Academy. Part of our day was spent exploring the exterior of the Navy football stadium. We then took a hop, skip, and a jump over to Main Street Annapolis to eat some ice cream… and take a few photos! Lastly, we drove onto campus to enjoy a brief (but thorough) tour of the United States Naval Academy.  If you’ve never had the chance to see the academy, make friends with Leighton.  We enjoyed the view of all the “plebes” ending their summer stint (in uniform of course!).

In all seriousness, these two complete each other. Currently they live on opposite ends of the country until the wedding, but the way they smile at each other and hold hands and giggle, you’d be none the wiser that they spend so much time apart! My favorite email from Katelyn so far, “Leighton went underway on his ship yesterday and won’t be back until Friday, so even if you’re finished with our pictures could you not send them to us until Friday? I don’t want to look at them without him (even though we won’t actually be together together to see them) and don’t think I’ll have the willpower to not look at them if we have them before he’s back. I bet you never had someone ask you not to send them before!

If I didn’t get the chance to say it, Leighton, thank you very much for your service to our beautiful country! Katelyn, thank you for being the spectacular wife-to-be that he needs!

These two tie the knot in May 2015 – so until then we will watch their engagement session. On repeat.

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