Manly Monday

Manly Monday: Penguin Suits

The truth of the matter is weddings generally take men and place them outside their comfort zone. For some men it is farther outside their comfort zone than others however, the thought of being the center of attention can paralyze some men.


Manly Monday: Pick Your Battles

Gentlemen let’s be honest.  The wedding day is about your “bride to-be”.  Personally, I am a firm believer that a wedding should be about the couple.  The wedding and reception should be a celebration of your love and future life together, containing unique details which highlight your together has a couple.  However, the reality of […]


Manly Monday: An Introduction

As part of Uncorked Studios weekly blog series, we are proud to introduce our Monday blog topic: Manly Monday.  A majority of wedding blogs are written by women and only shine a feminine light on the entire wedding process.  In response to these blogs we are introducing a weekly series written by a man, expressing […]