The One with Three Generations | Déjà vu at Powel House | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sandra’s Déjà vu Session Highlights

Déjà vu sessions are one of my absolute most favorite kinds of sessions we do. Sandra asked if instead of her groom if she could bring her mother and her grandmother. A three generation Déjà vu session – yes please!

We decided the place to be was back where Sandra and David celebrated their wedding ceremony in July – at the Powel House in the historic district of Philadelphia. Sandra is drawn to the elegance of the historic home and the fascinating history behind it!

All three women came dressed in their gowns they wore to the wedding in July. Sandra’s Pnina Tornai dress has an exquisite elegance to it that just fits the historic drama of the Powel House. It was most important to Sandra to capture the relationship between the three women so we made sure the session started with all of them interacting and highlighting Sandra as the bride.

There are two images I just cannot get out of my head from this session. I absolutely love the moment where we caught Sandra’s Grandmother with a hint of a smile as she viewed her granddaughter dressed for her wedding. Sandra makes an absolutely stunning bride. Which leads me to my next favorite moment from this session – when Sandra was standing in the alley towards the end of the session and the back of her dress is flared out to the camera and her arm is wrapped around the light post. I adore this moment because she looks incredible!


We’re looking forward to creating more fun unique sessions with you in the future Sandra! You’re visions are truly fun and inspirational for photo sessions! (Remember Sandra and David’s Engagement Session from Eastern State Penitentiary?)


We do all over again! What fun what fun! Wanna see more? – click here!!!

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