Dog Days of Summer with You! Engagement | Blue Marsh National Recreation Area | Leesport, Pennsylvania


Michelle & Steve’s Engagement Session Highlights

I love me my dog engagement sessions! I mean, I love people too (especially Michelle and Steve), but there is something about double the puppy kisses that really makes a session fun for me!

It was quite majestic arriving at Blue Marsh National Recreation Area – Michelle and Steve had the most perfect suggestion to take their engagement photos at this park. You drive down this winding road to the boat launch (which is where we did our photos) which sits on a a man-made lake along the Tulpehocken Creek.  Such a fun place to boat or simply walk your dog – which was a big reason they chose this park. Here I got to meet Kawi and Loki, the almost-weds absolutely fun loving adorable dogs!

Kawi & Loki really helped put a pace on their engagement session! These two dogs really love the company of their owners, and they had a hard time when Michelle and Steve had to take some “alone” photos. All and all the dogs kept us humans laughing and rolling with what they felt like doing. My favorite moment is when we took the dogs off leash and they decided to run (or zoomies I call them) back and forth around Michelle and Steve as they posed for a photo. The dogs would pop in and out of the long grasses and come really close to crashing into the almost-weds. Such a fun goofy moment!

Michelle and Steve are two people who absolutely love the outdoors, adventure, and really adore each other. They have a really great banter, about a zillion inside jokes, and they have so many shared hobbies I could’t count them. We’re so excited to see you two again (and maybe take you up on that offer to go bow fishing? That sound waaaay fun!).

Before I forget, I have to mention the jaw-dropping-absolutely-ridiculously-amazing sunset. You have to check this out.

Each dog (and human) took their turn shinning in front of the camera! Which moment is your favorite?

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