Exquisite Wedding with PeterPan-Like Whimsy | Spring Mill Manor | Ivyland, Pennsylvania | Carly & Chris’ Wedding Day Highlights


Exquisite Wedding with PeterPan-Like Whimsy
Spring Mill Manor, Ivyland, Pennsylvania
Carly & Chris’ Wedding Day Highlights

How can I describe a wedding having “PeterPan-Like Whimsy”? When it comes to Carly and Chris, their relationship reminds me of the whimsy of Peter Pan; slightly mischievous, who can fly, and never wants to grow up! It is clear that together the two will soar through their lives adventuring and staying young at heart.

When we arrived at Spring Mill Manor, we found Carly and her bridal party dressed in matching robes, giggling the morning away.  I believe it’s accurate to describe Carly as bouncing off the walls, super excited, and ready to do her first look with Chris. A smile decorated her face all during getting ready.  Daneene Jensen and Associates tackled the hair and makeup on Carly and her six attendants. On the other hand, Chris was calm and collective, hanging out down the road at Spring Mill Country Club with his 8-year-old son; waiting for the phone call to come meet his bride for their first look.

When we gave Carly the go-ahead, she had her bridesmaids help her into her dress (complete with pockets and sparkly belt) and tuck her veil into her romantic curly waves.  She walked down the stairs in the foyer to share a quick reveal with mom and dad (it was tearful!), before she bounded back up the stairs to prepare for her first look with Chris. Her Michael Kors shoes clicked lightly on the marble floor as she descended the two-story staircase right into her grooms arms. They stood for a good five minutes alone; taking in the day and each other’s company before we continued forward with photography. Carly just looks so perfect in Chris’ arms.

The bridal party was a vision dressed in black. Not only did Carly plan in plenty of time for bride and groom portraits, she planned to have all her photos (including bridal party and family) completed before the ceremony so they could attend cocktail hour; so we did. Spring Mill Manor provided an excellent indoor and outdoor location for photographs (seriously, check out the slideshow below).

Carly and Chris held hands under their ceremony chuppah as Carly’s brother-in-law performed the marriage ceremony. After breaking the glass with his son, Chris pulled Carly in for a newlyweds kiss, and the two walked down the aisle to cheers, tears, smiles, and amazing music played by Elegance String Quartet.  The ceremony space was quickly transformed in the reception hall. Event Creations‘ flowers decorated the tables complete with black table clothes and edible chocolate dinner menus. Lochel’s Bakery provided the sprinkles wedding cake (a show stopper!). East Coast Event group got the reception party started with the music and after introductions the hora had the dance floor packed! Talking with Carly and Chris after the wedding, they agreed it was the most absolute perfect day.

Those PeterPan-like details?

Mischievous: swapping a “normal” cake for a head to toe sprinkles cake to surprise her groom, editable <chocolate> dinner menus, four kids under the age of 9 in the bridal party!

Fly: cathedral length veil with crystals

Never Wants to Grow Up: holding hands, smiling, pockets in dress, chicken fingers for dinner, dancing to live guitar music, candy dessert bar

Adventure: Hawaii Honeymoon! 

I am sitting her smiling just thinking of their wedding!

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