I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You Date Night | Scoop Deville, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Jaya & Matt’s Engagement Session Highlights

Have you ever met one of those couples which just “click”? Its like they are two parts of a puzzle and no matter what they do the pieces just fit perfectly? Well, that is how I would describe Jaya and Matt. From their sense of humor, to their sense of style, to the way which they hold each other’s hand, they “just fit”.

Jaya and Matt’s engagement shoot started at one of their favorite locations, Scoop Deville. A perfect place for a date, this ice cream shop has a wonderful throwback feel and amazing ice cream. This place is adorable. My favorite part is they have this mirrors with hats and glasses painted on them so as you look in the mirror is likes wearing a mask. Granted this can all be done via an app on your phone, but the simplicity of it warmed my heart. Jay and Matt both ordered their favorite flavors and enjoyed each other’s company as they nibbled on the sweet treats. We posed them in a few cute date poses – you know, feeding each other some bites of ice cream (and stealing a few for yourself!).

Once done we all went for a walk down towards Washington Square stopping along the way when the spirit moved us. Along the way we found this fantastic wall which was decorated completely with embedded tiles and glass. The wall was eclectic and colorful and I felt almost captured Jaya and Matt’s essence. They both love art, a good laugh, and the hidden beauty behind a creation and this wall encompassed those feelings exactly. It will be a location I will have to keep in mind for sure! After playing around a bit we finally headed over to the park at the perfect time. The sun was starting to set behind the building casting a gorgeous golden glow across the park. The brisk air was the kind of air where all you wanted to do was curl up in the arms of your favorite person while taking in the sunset. We had a great time with Jaya and Matt while discovering our new favorite ice cream shop in Philly. We can’t wait for their wedding which is just around the corner and we are looking for to see more of their awesome adventures.

If you’re ready for a few adorable date ideas, check out these fun highlights from Jaya and Matt’s engagement session!

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