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Jaya & Matt’s Grah Shanti Celebration Highlights

Jaya and Matt’s Grah Shanti was just the morning part of their Friday celebration – so this quick blog only covers the morning festivities.
The celebrations and traditions done for the Grah Shanti are done to bring good luck and good fortune to the almost-weds. Traditionally this celebration is done at the homes of the bride and grooms families. The setting for Jaya and Matt’s early morning celebration took place among a pink and orange draped stage setup in Jaya’s parents house. Decor by Elegant Affairs – the fabric sparkled when our camera flashes bounced off the sequins (for the win!!!). Jaya made her debut to the party with her freshly done Mehndi art by Henna for All. She wore a lovely orange and green number with floral jewelry.

When we asked Jaya what was going to happen during this morning event, she wrote to us saying, “fire, flowers, ride, lots of stuff going on during this one.” She totally forgot to mention the intimate ceremony space (I think there were about 75 guests in the living room with us), and the singing, and the tears, and the prayers, and the smiles… followed up by lunch for all! Ah! Shayosa Events kept on top of all the order of operations for the morning (thanks ladies!).

Between all the amazing rituals, the couple was blessed with happiness and prosperity for their new marriage. What makes this even better is this was just the START of the day! After the Grah Shanti concluded, the almost-weds got ready to feast with some catering from Chowpatty.

Before we parted ways with the almost-weds so we could get setup for their Garba at Camelback Resort, we snagged them for a couple of post Grah Shanti photos (Jaya, writing this blog I *just* realized that you changed outfits right before the photos – why do you have so many beautiful dresses?!). I absolutely adore the way their outfits complimented each other and how even though we were standing in the front yard of her parents house, these two manage to make the viewer believe they are alone in the world together. I simply adore how they only have eyes for each other!

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