A little fun in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas and Flixel and Uncorked Studios

Las Vegas and Living Images

Here at Uncorked Studios, we always try to offer our clients the newest and most cutting edge photography products.  To make sure we are always on the cutting edge, every year, we go to WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas.  While in Las Vegas, we also go to the WPPI Expo were vendors from across the country come to show off their new products.  While strolling through the WPPI Las Vegas Expo we found Flixel who makes a really cool and interesting product.  You might see the results of their product on shows such as America’s Next Top Model.  Combining video and still images, Flixel makes “living” photos.  We are super excited to offer this technology and innovative product to our clients and are looking forward to share the Flixels to come.

We did have some time to out with some models and shoot while in Las Vegas.  Above is a still photo, below is the sample Flixel we made while at WPPI in Las Vegas.

Check out more to come from our Las Vegas trip and living photos!


  1. Vasilina(Lina) Burggraaf

    cool stuff!! Great that you do something new for clients. You guys are extremely talented, creative and also helpful.I’ve forgot my flash on shootout and from all photodogs you were so so helpful.I wanted to personally send you a big THANKS for helping me. Thank you for all that you do for your colleagues and clients!

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