Our First Gallery Opening!

I am thrilled to announce that our photos are hanging in one of our most favorite local businesses. Cups ‘n’ Cakes has our artwork up and plastered all over their walls. For inspiration on writing this post, I started by sitting in their dinning area staring at the walls. Have you visited yet? Their cupcakes are to die for.

We were asked back in February to be their second show (the first being Claudia’s husband, he is a very talented artist) starting in the middle of April. Travis and I brainstormed quite a bit about what photographs we wanted to display (this was not an easy decision. Our first major question:

What flavor of cupcake do we order while making major decorating decisions?

Cups 'n' Cakes photography by Uncorked Studios, LLC

No, just kidding, that wasn’t our FIRST question (but it was asked many times as we visited to brainstorm). Our first productive question:

Do we hang up photos of our clients or photos from our “free-time”?

Which will people enjoy to look at more while they are chowing down on a cupcake? Beautiful scenic Alaska or beautiful brides in exotic locations? (now if only we had brides in Alaska! Darn!).

While we were at Cups ‘n’ Cakes taking photos of some sample cupcakes (and yummy custom designed cakes), we photographed all the walls and created a bunch of shots (including a panoramic shot) for us to reference.

So then we could do cool things like this:

Uncorked Studios, LLC

Then we could also end up with adorable photographs like this: (pardon the iPhone color quality)

Uncorked Studios, LLC

A few more photoshop brainstorms and the final product:

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

After all the brainstorming and printing and ordering…

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

After all the prep… it’s installation day!

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

We are honored to have our work on display at this fantastic little business. When you get a moment, take the time to stop by, have a cup of coffee, a cupcake, and take the time to enjoy the show!

The whole shebang! (Panoramic shot)

Uncorked Studios

A little bit of a closer view

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

And I’m sure you still have one burning question on your mind as we draw to a close… what are Jen and Travis’ favorite cupcakes?

Travis: Vanilla Squared (or as vanilla as it gets), preferably with rainbow sprinkles.

Jen: Whatever is the oddball in the case. The weirder (or more out of the ordinary) the better!


  1. Aprille Cole

    Wow these shots are fantastic. It is so cool how you show your process in choosing the art and location. Not to mention the shirt you are wearing Jen. Now we need to get Travis to wear the “Don’t Call Me Cupscake!” shirt

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