Sally & Adam | Wedding Déjà vu Highlights | Maine Windjammers Association | Camden, ME

Uncorked Studios Wedding Destination Photography - Maine Windjammers - Camden Maine

Sally and Adam knew that a Déjà vu session was up their alley so the day after their wedding, we all piled into the mini-cooper and drove up to Camden, Maine. They were excited to work with us and loved the vision we at Uncorked Studios put together for them!

We made a long list of places for Sally and Adam to do their Déjà vu session. Considering I (Jen) grew up in Maine, the list was about a bajillion miles long. Between lighthouses, beaches, and untouched nature, we were able to narrow it down to the Maine Windjammer Cruises located in Camden, Maine.

When I worked at the Brunswick Times Record I took photos aboard two of these beautiful ships to accompany articles for the paper. After a quick google search, the stories written about these events appear to be long lost, but I still have the beautiful photos.

Uncorked Studios - Maine Windjammers 2004
A photo taken by Jennifer Purington from the Lewis R. French of an unknown windjammer off the coast of Maine (if anyone can identify this ship, let me know!) for the Brunswick Times Record in July 2004.

Well, without further ado, here are the highlights from the beautiful photos we took aboard the Grace Bailey and the Mercantile.

Oh! Please enjoy the music from the live performance by Keith Lowell from Sally and Adam’s wedding reception. He learned to sing and play this particular song by request from the bride and groom for their wedding day.

Sally and Adam, we had an absolute blast photographing you two! Many cheers to your future and life together! Did you check out the highlights from their wedding day?


  1. Emily Lowell

    You guys do such a wonderful job! Our family couldn’t be happier with the pictures (so far!) of Sally & Adam’s wedding!
    Thank you for capturing moments from a magical weekend!

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