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Kristin & Seth’s Engagement Session Highlights

Adorable. Absolutely adorable. Favorite part of this engagement session? Hands down when they decided to share ice cream! Oh, and did I mention the sunset?

Most of our couples are a teeny bit nervous when we start photographing the engagement session (perfectly normal!); Kristin and Seth were no exception to this rule. Fortunately, these two have a ton of natural chemistry and treated us to some awesome locations for their engagement session. The nervousness simply melted away! Travis and I trekked all the way to Bethany Beach, Delaware to photograph these two at their family shore home. The house is located close to a boardwalk in Bethany Beach, so we headed there to start the session.

I always  joke with our clients that they should get ice cream when we are photographing (“joke”… insert highly recommend/suggest/demand). How can you go to the shore and not purchase a delicious treat? Okay, for reals, usually I just want ice cream too, but it always makes for some deliciously fun photos (and who doesn’t love sharing ice cream with someone they love?). Kristin and Seth made it fun with two spoons and shared dish of ice cream. I think they may have only split it 40/60… But who is counting?

Even then I told them I was only photographing their feet and the ice cream sign along the Bethany Beach boardwalk, these two could barely keep their eyes off each other! Every time we pointed our cameras in their direction they were just smiling and laughing with each other. Taking photos on the wedding day is going to be a cake walk!

The summer sunset was perfect – reds and yellows filled the sky and Kristin and Seth enjoyed the sunset from a private dock. We then finished their session on the rooftop deck of their Bethany Beach family house with a couple beers and listened to the ocean wave along the shore. We are so excited for your wedding!!! Enjoy their engagement session highlights!

Adorable! Seriously guys, you should get married! Let’s check out a few more engagement sessions. – click here!!!

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