Siriusly Pawsome Hockey Rivalry Engagement | Saint Joseph’s University | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Cristine and Richards’s Engagement Session Highlights

We love our clients and one of the best things about our clients is they all have character. Their tastes, hobbies, relationships, and personalities are all different and all amazing. When it comes to character, Tine and Rich totally rock this!

We met Tine and Rich along with their fur baby, Champ, at Saint Joseph’s University on a bright sunny afternoon. The weather was clear and the sun was warm and it cast amazing light around the university. I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot based entirely on why Tine picked St. Joe’s for their engagement session. She picked it for she loves Harry Potter and she felt the brown stone buildings and spires reminded her of Hogwarts. We were instantly in love with this couple. It turns out, Richard has a masters from St. Joseph’s as well, and that is where they first discovered the beauty of the campus but it was tall buildings and gothic look which continually draws them to the quiet and sleepy campus.

Another hint of character we quickly discovered is Tine and Richard’s love of “thumb wars”. It all started when we were photographing them sitting on a bench. Out of nowhere Richard grabs Tine’s hands and quickly pins her thumb. This quick “thumb pinning” resulted in a rapid and intense second round of thumb combat. When the dust settle Tine was the victor, but Richard vowed he would return to shower himself with thumb war glory. It was fun watching them have a personal game which always kept them holding hands and constantly smiling.

Another love of Tine and Richards they incorporated into their session was a love of hockey. Granted they support different teams (Richard’s team is better by the way <- Travis wrote that, Jen tends to stay out of sports wars!) it was clear cuddling on the couch watching a game after a long day of work was their own personal slice of heaven. All said and done, Tine and Richard’s engagement sessions was all about them. From the Saint Joseph’s University, to hockey jersey’s, to the incorporation of their dog, to thumb wars this photo session is all about them and their relationship. It was a pleasure to photograph!

We had a great time with Tine and Richard and look forward to their wedding!

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