Susan & Steven | Wedding Highlights | Moshulu, Philadelphia, PA

Susan & Steven | Wedding Highlights | Moshulu, Philadelphia, PA

Moshulu Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

We met Susan and Steven back in January at the Great Bridal Expo.  They presented us with such a unique wedding concept, that there was no way we could miss photographing their big day!

Susan and Steven wed aboard the Moshulu on May 4, 2013.  I always find myself mentioning the weather in these write-ups, but holy wow, the sky was a perfect shade of blue without a cloud in sight… which leads me into how this was the perfect backdrop for this couple’s wedding day.

I simply adore the little touches… like the groom walking from their townhouse to the Moshulu. Or the fact that they got ready in the same room, just at different times. They didn’t want to do a first look, but held hands before the ceremony started, and they escorted each other down the aisle.  They participated in a hand binding ceremony, and signed their Quaker marriage license during the ceremony in front of 50 of their friends in family. All outside on the upper deck of the beautiful Moshulu at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What a fun wedding to provide wedding photography for!

There were fireworks, dancing under the stars, and old drinking shanty songs. We also played with sparklers.

Did I mention at the end of the night, they walked home, hand in hand along the streets of Philadelphia, in their wedding clothes?

Susan told me we couldn’t sneak along in their suitcase to their honeymoon; but she did remember to charge the battery in her camera so I’ll settle for a handful of sunset pictures, zip lining, and sloths.  Please enjoy a sneak peek of their wedding photos!

Enjoy those? Stay tuned for their cross-Philadelphia deja vu session!

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