Talk Less, Smile More Historic Engagement Session | Elfreth’s Alley & First Bank of the United States | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Caroline & Joe’s Engagement Session Highlights

What do you get when you put two history teachers in historic Philadelphia? It’s like watching the face of a child in a candy story and the child then proceeds to tell you everything about all of the candy. In other words, it is an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Caroline and Joe are an amazing couple who share a passion for history and the arts. They are both history teachers who have an incredible understanding of the events and locations in Philadelphia. I was all smile,s all morning, for it was almost like having a personal tour guide through Philadelphia. As we walked through the historic section of the city you could watch their face light up and then watch them disappear in to the history. It was like you could almost see them travel through time and placing them self in 18th century Philadelphia.

We started the morning with a little history lesson at Elfreth’s Alley located near the waterfront. Being the oldest residential street in the country, the alley remains almost unchanged from the way it was in the 18th century. We walked up and down the alley taking in the stone work, and colors and enjoy the quite peace which was the morning in the small alley.

From there, we walked to the First Bank of the United States located in the historical district near independence Hall. Joe stated he had been looking forward to seeing the building since they submitted the photography permit. I guess it’s a great photo spot for a couple of history buffs! After a few pictures and a quick walk around the bank to take in the massive stone structure, we headed behind the building to a gorgeous cobble stone path. As I was taking their picture I started thinking about the symbolism of where I was and doing. I found it almost emotional thinking about taking photos of a couple about to start their new life wrapped in an old location. It felt natural and juxtapositional all at the same time. After few more images taken in front of the building it was time to go.

We would like to thank Caroline and Joe for including us in an amazing photo session and we look forward to their wedding (now that we have a “bit of history together” ha ha ha)!

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