Best Engagement Sessions 2016


Best Engagement Sessions 2016

Jen’s Favorite 2016’s Engagement Session Images

A little Déjà vu happening – last winter was a bit hectic in our household, so I am happy that in 2017 I have a brief moment to go back and reminisce about my favorite engagement images from 2016 (our busiest year EVER).

After looking through all my images, it is so amazing to see so many encouraging smiling faces! 2016 was the hardest personal year of my life and to see so much love and encouragement through the lens is just a humbling and honoring experience especially to reflect back upon.

2016 was the year of the 135mm lens and punny blog titles. It was also encouraging our beautiful couples to become more than just “another pinterest” couple and make their own unique memories through their engagement session experience.

The best part about photographing with my husband is we get to work as a team to create some great images for our couples. Here we go! All images photographed for Uncorked Studios by Jen (besides the ones noted) at real engagement sessions!

Lauren & Dominic* – I Am Tortellini in Love with You
At Home Engagement Session
*I didn’t photograph at this engagement session – but this is an image I am super proud of my husband for taking and I feel my creative input was giving him the spark of inspiration for this image when we discussed the session concept prior to photography!

Jaya & Matt – I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You
Philadelphia Old City Engagement

Michelle & Evan – A Reel Romance
Colonial Theater Engagement

Kaitlin & Matt – Steeling the Time Away
Steel Stacks Engagement

Stephanie & Eric –Now Appearing on Center Stage
Ridley Creek High School Engagement

Gina Maria & Mike – Friday Night and Feelin’ Alright!
Manayunk Engagement Session

Lisa & Corey – You Hold the Woo-Key to my Heart
Farmstead engagement session

Michelle & Christopher – Just a Kiss of Spring in the Air
Art Museum Engagement Session

Cristine & Rich – Siriusly Pawsome Hockey Rivalry
Saint Joseph's University Engagement

Christine & John – We’re on the Right Track
Steel Stacks Engagement

Kinjal & Ankit – Hit the Trail
Forbidden Drive Engagement Session

Kelli & Kevin – Hand in Hand Through the Sand
Jersey Shore Engagement

Chrisoula & LG – Linger by the Sea
Cape Cod Engagement

Corrine & Levi – Lost without Your Love
John James Audubon Center Engagement

Lauren & Greg – Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let’s Go Racing!
Pocono Raceway Engagement Session

Katrina & David – Just Add Rain – Instant Awesome
Art Museum Engagement

Michelle & Daniel – How Lovely is a Longwood Gardens Engagement
Longwood Gardens Engagement

Michelle & Steve – Dog Days of Summer with You!
Blue Marsh Park Engagement Session

Michelle & John – A Stroll to Remember
Art Museum Engagement

Molly & Chris – Everything You Want is an Adventure Away
John James Audubon Center Engagement

Kristin & Richard – What a Great Catch
Citizens Bank Park Engagement

Leigh Anne & Andrew – You Had Me at Merlot
Winery Engagement Session

Amanda & James – Meet Us in the Garden
Longwood Gardens Engagement

Sandra & David – Sentence Us to Life
Eastern State Penn Engagement Session

Kristin & Seth – Seas the Day
Bethany Beach Engagement

Caroline & Joe – Talk Less, Smile More Historic Engagement
Historic Engagement Session in Philadelphia

Heather & Rob – Charming Seaside Gem
Cape May Engagement

Clare & Thomas – Seas the Day
Jersey Shore Engagement

Caitlin & Jeremy – I’m in the MOO-d for Love
Private Farm

Marissa & Brandon – You Had Me at Merlot
Penns Woods Winery Engagement

Alexa & Adam – Onward to Victory
Victory Brewing Company Engagement

Maria & Doug – You’re so Doggone Cute
John James Audubon Center Engagement

Azamir & Mark – Rhythm of the Boogie of the Beat
1990's throwback engagement

Jillian & Alex – You, Me, and the Dog Makes 3!
Tyler State Park Engagement

Brooklynne & Nicholas – Hop Skip and a Jump
Center City Engagement Session

Tess & John – Be Hoppy Together
Valley Forge Park Engagement

Mary & Victor – We’re Most Alive When We’re in Love
Ridley Creek State Park Engagement

Melanie & John – Believe in Green (and in Love)
Eagles and Art Museum Engagement

Tara & Ted – The One with TNT
Ryder University Engagement

Nicole & Tommy – The One with Full Moon Skies
Tyler State Park Engagement

Kirbie & Frank – I Woof You
Puppy engagement session

Katie & Greg – The One with the Fall Gardens
New Jersey Engagement

Jessica & Bryan – Here, There, Everywhere with You
Race Street Pier Engagement

Melanie & Jason – The One with the Leaf Fight
John James Audubon Center Engagement

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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