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Jen’s Favorite 2017’s Engagement Session Images

Do I really have to pick JUST one from each?

After looking through all my images, by far the lens of the season for favorite photos was my 11-24mm lens. It produces such a unique perspective that I just adore. It’s my favorite go-to lens for WOW images. It wasn’t used in all the images below – sometimes I opted for compression which means I needed to use the 70-200mm or the 200mm lens. That’s Travis’ favorite lens, so I love it when I’m able to pry it from his hands when he’s not looking and make some magic. Though in 2017 we added another 85mm f1.2 to our lineup of favorite glass and I used this on some of my favorite images too!

The best part about photographing with my husband is we get to work as a team to create some great images for our couples. Here we go! All images photographed for Uncorked Studios by Jen at real engagement sessions!

Vanessa & Jon – The One with the Harmonious Countryside
Joseph Ambler Inn Engagement

Samantha & Michael – The One with Yogi Beabull
Lockridge Park Engagement

Chelsea & Tyler – The One Where the Snow Stayed
Illick's Mill Engagement

Christine & Edwin – The One with the Tall Hill
Stroud Preserve Engagement

Poonam & Scott – The One with the Wedding Next Week
Old City Philadelphia

Amanda & Joseph – The One with Two Lips
Longwood Garden Engagement

Justin & Chris – The One with Quiet Moments
Ridley Creek State Park Engagement

Nichelle & Matthew – The One with Lana K-9
Ridley Creek State Park Engagement

Neha & Ryan – The One with a Splendid View
Mount Pocono Engagement Session

Nikole & Stephen – The One with the Champagne Sprinkle
Penns Woods Winery Engagement

Heather & Brian – The One with Baxter
Ridley Creek State Park Engagement

Marissa & Brian – The One with a Sign
Jersey Shore Engagement Session

Valerie & Joseph – The One with the Farm Park
Norristown Farm Park Engagement

Ashley & Nicholas – The One with the Perfect Outfit
New Jersey Engagement Session at Sunset

Jennifer & Christopher –
Tyler State Park Engagement

Partia & Darshan –
Tyler State Park Engagement

Alexa & Frank –
Collegeville Engagement Session

Erica & Chris –
Train Museum Engagement

Marisalynn & Kevin –
Beer Engagement Session

Ashley & William –
Longwood Garens Engagement

Alyssa & Kyle –
Bethlehem Engagement Session

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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