Tyler State Park Autumn Engagement

The One with the Crisp Fall Morning | Tyler State Park | Newtown, PA

Tyler State Park Autumn Engagement

Parita & Darshan’s Engagement Session Highlights

Cold crisp air early in the morning is just the way an engagement session should start in the fall. Tyler State Park is one of our favorite stomping grounds for fall requests for engagement photos because of the expansive property with many unique sections of the park. Parita and Darshan had just the request for some fall engagement pictures.

Parita and Darshan are getting married in July, which makes for autumn one of the most beautiful times  of the year for engagement photos. When the timing works out that you can make use of multiple seasons with your photo sessions it adds just the right spice to your photo wall!

I love it when engagement sessions come right after the couple has made some major wedding decisions; it gives us such a great sneak peek into their wedding day and their wedding vision. Parita told us all about her wonderful trip to India where she made all her selections for all of her wedding attire. I can only imagine how fun it is choosing multiple outfits for all the wedding festivities they have planned. I’m going to keep their color themes a secret – but I can tell you, it is going to be perfectly elegant!

Tyler State Park autumn engagement

Though these two may have a shy exterior (or shy in front of the camera), when you can get them to crack a smile it is pure magic! Look at them!

Tyler State Park Engagement all smiles

She also has the most beautiful piercing eyes I’ve seen in a very long time. She looks absolutely breathtaking in black and white. Which on her wedding day is a complete photographer’s dilemma… so much beautiful color draped everywhere…. but she looks so WOW in black and white!

Tyler State Park

Can it be July yet? We are so excited to celebrate with the two of you and your amazing friends and family!!!!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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