We’re on the Right Track Engagement | SteelStacks | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Christine and John’s Engagement Session Highlights

I love spring in Bethlehem! This wonderful weather allowed for another fantastic engagement session at the world famous Bethlehem Steel Stacks! This time however, the session had a twist. Not only did the Steel Stacks represent a new life in Bethlehem for John and Christine, it was also a living and active fulfillment of one of John’s passions, trains.

It was great spending time with John and Christine and learning more about them as we traveled around the grounds taking images. For John and Christine, the Steel Stacks are a symbol. It is symbol of them coming together and starting their new life in Bethlehem. Not only are they getting married, they bought a gorgeous house in the Lehigh Valley. It was a blast hearing how they are “making the house theirs” and the things they are changing in the home to incorporate their personal tastes, styles, and hobbies. It was clear when John and Christine aren’t spending time at work, they are spending time with each other working on their home. Being a long time homeowner myself, I love hearing how couples take a “canvas” of a home and start to incorporate their relationship into the property.

When I said John loves trains, that is an understatement. He doesn’t love trains (he loves Christine more, I did ask) he has a burning passion for them. It was fantastic listening to him talk about the different trains lines, cars, engines, and procedures as the trains rolled past the steel stacks. The man could seriously teach a course about the history of trains in the region. For example, I didn’t know that each conductor blows the train whistle in a different manor with a different technique. Each conductors style is so different you can start to determine who is operating the train just based on their unique whistle blow. John was able to take the cold steel of trains and humanize it, providing a personalization and warmth to the subject. I could have listened to him for hours, but we had to take photos. The only thing more remarkable than his in-depth knowledge is Christine embracing his passion (which I hear has taken over parts of their house).

We want to thank John and Christine for an amazing time and are excited to share the highlight gallery from their Bethlehem Steel Stacks engagement session

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