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Jaya & Matt’s Mehndi Celebration Highlights

The intense wedding excitement always starts to build when we arrive at the mehndi celebration for the start of an indian wedding celebration….
Jaya’s mehndi application started at noon sharp on the Thursday of their wedding weekend celebration.  Monita Bijoriya of Henna for All is a true master of her craft and really knows how to capture each brides personality. The henna she did for Jaya truly is a work of art (and it is purely done freehand, extremely unique for every single event). If you’re an avid reader of our blog, this will be a repeat fact for you, but for those who are new to the mehndi tradition at an indian wedding, it is done for special occasions – and legend has it, that the darker the stain of the mehndi, the better the marriage will be! It took approximately five hours for Monita to complete the henna on Jaya’s hands, arms, feet, and legs. After applied, it is Jaya’s job to keep the henna damp with lemon juice (and other secret formulas) and apply heat to help stain her skin – the longer she can do this, the darker her henna will be and the longer it will last.

Shayosa Events kept the afternoon and evening on schedule. Matt arrived around 7:00 to join in on the festivities and to see his future bride. His mouth dropped in excitement when he saw Jaya, and the two shared a very special moment together. Have you ever watch a couple be so in a moment that the world just revolves around them? I’m sure the two of them had no idea that the cameras and guests were even there admiring their moment together. Matt’s name and nickname where cleverly hidden in Jaya’s henna design – so of course he started to study her palms and try to find them! (Did you find them Matt? Don’t worry, we took a picture of where it was hidden in her mehndi).

The evening was filled with food, laughter, photos, and a tiny bit of dancing. Elegant Affairs decorated with a handful of pieces to tie in the charm of the mehndi event  (just wait until you see the rest of their decorations for all their events – OMG WOW!).

Here’s a peek into the goodness that is Jaya and Matt’s mehndi celebration. So excited to share the rest of their images! Stay tuned!

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