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The One on Top of the Mountain | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Palmerton, PA

The One on Top of the Mountain | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Palmerton, PA

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The One on Top of the Mountain | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Palmerton, PA

The One on Top of the Mountain | Blue Mountain Ski Resort | Palmerton, PA

All sky wedding photo

Chelsea & Tyler’s Wedding Day Highlights

I completely predict that any plant,  baby, or animal brought into the Welk family household will forever be graced with the most beautiful radiant smile – all thanks to Chelsea and Tyler!

Every time I see Chelsea and Tyler I wonder how to bottle their beautiful energy and store it for when I need a pick-me-up. My favorite part of their wedding day is every time they would look at each other and give a little giggle like they had some fairy tale magic surrounding them on their wedding day.  It as the kind of giggle where they had just had a whole conversation with each other without saying a single word.

B&W Wedding Couple

We walk into Chelsea’s parents house and she is a radiant bubbly beautiful bride sitting patiently getting her hair and makeup done by Makeup By Roxy. The bridesmaids (whom I believe have known each other for about forever) were laughing and sharing stories from days gone by and pulling up some embarrassing photos from Facebook. Once hair and makeup were finished, we had some time to photograph Chelsea and her besties hanging out in their robes – my favorite though was when we took the balloons outside and took this fun photo of them in the back yard.

Bridesmaids and balloons

Her wedding dress, from Bridals by Sandra, was everything Disney princess dreams were made of – a beautiful train with jewels, and lace, and tulle and an intricate back design with buttons centered down her back. We are always so honored we get to be one of the first to see the bride in her complete wedding attire. Chelsea was the perfect bridal vision!

veil in place

As Chelsea was getting ready at her parent’s house, Tyler was at Chelsea and Tyler’s house only a few blocks away. When I arrived at the house, you could hear the good times being had by all through the door. With a large smile and firm handshake I was welcomed by Tyler. As Tyler headed back to the master bedroom to get dress,ed in his Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo, you could see he was both excited and nervous. As he proceeded to get dressed you could tell these two emotions were fighting inside him, pulling on him, and battling. This battle ended quickly once his best man entered the room to help Tyler with his tie.

Groom getting ready

With a quick joke from Tyler’s best man, and deep laughter Tyler was ready to see his wife-to-be. Before heading out to the church, Tyler and his groomsmen gathered in the back yard for a few drinks, pictures, and words. With more jokes, laughter, and the few snaps of the camera Tyler was ready to go.

men's wearhouse groomsmen

The knot was tied at Sacred Heart Church – just a hop skip and a jump from where Chelsea grew up (and the same location that one of her bridesmaids tied the knot at back in July!).  This modern yet elegant church provided the perfect background for a simple, yet heartfelt ceremony.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

As Chelsea entered the church you could feel the energy move to the back of the church as her radiance illuminated the church.  As my eyes darted back to Tyler, you could tell to him, in that moment, there was only two people on the face of the earth.  Watching Tyler and Chelsea during the ceremony was pretty fun.  They took the ceremony very seriously however, when these two are near each they have to smile.  They are almost like two magnets, when they are close they just have to magically connect!

Sacred Heart Church

During the Gift of Flowers to Mary perhaps was the only time during the wedding day were I did not see Chelsea with her signature grin. The calmness that came over her and her new husband as they offered flowers was so lovely.

Sacred Heart Church

And it seems, just like that, the ceremony was over and we were releasing balloons to the sky to celebrate the new husband and wife! J&J Luxury Transportation was on hand to transport the bridal party to the reception location – Blue Mountain Resort!

J&J Transportation

We arrived at Blue Mountain Resort to find ourselves surrounded by the most perfect blue sky. We decided that the best way to take advantage of this most magnificent day was to do the majority of the bridal portraits with the panoramic view of the beautiful valley as the backdrop. Chelsea and Tyler and their bridal party were such a blast to hang out with during their portrait time – they were so easy going to give us full creative control!

I Do At Blue!

Did I mention the guys had the coolest socks ever?

groomsmen socks

Oh hey there boys!

groomsmen hanging out

A few more photos of the bridesmaids – I love the view from this spot at Blue Mountain – I could take pictures here all day – especially of Chelsea and her girls!


And the FLOWERS! Ahh! Rich Mar Florist nailed the soft color theme to match the bridesmaids gold and blush dresses from Lulus..

Rich Mar Florist

Once we finished photographing the bridal party, Chelsea and Tyler gave us some time to capture some quiet moments. I do feel that when they aren’t being the life of the party with their closest friends, the two of them are sitting quietly together… and smiling at each other. Their smiles are so freakin’ contagious!

Bride and Groom

They really do look dreamy in black and white too. One of my favorites for the day – the moment where they forgot they were being photographed and just relaxed knowing that they were now married! Fairytales do come true!

black and white romantic moment for bride and groom

Oh, and one more of this killer Blue Mountain Resort view in the fall.

Walk at Blue Mountain

The ballroom at Blue Mountain Resort was sprinkled with Disney delight and it is so fun to see a theme carried throughout all the little touches the bride and groom can select for the wedding day. Even the Blue Mountain bar had a theme.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bar

But I think my favorite detail was their elegant cake from Catelyn Marie’s Cakes – the topper was so adorably Disney and the pink and gold were such a fantastic touch!

Catelyn Marie's Cakes

With splashes of purply uplights and infinite chandeliers, the newlyweds shared their first dance as their guests watched. B+B Light and Sound provided a grand ambience in the Blue Mountain  reception hall as members of the bridal party shared toasts (maybe a jab or two at a roast for Tyler) and the couple danced first dances with their parents Brian Kissig captured these and other moments throughout the day on video so the newlyweds can relive all the moving magic from their day!

First Day as newlyweds

And once the party started – the party never stopped! The B+B Photo Booth was a big hit with Chelsea and Tyer’s. guests, as well as their signature drinks (the Blushing Bride and the Grinning Groom), and the dance floor stayed hopping all night with garters, conga lines, sports chants, and even an occasional sing-a-long!

Kiss the bride!

The #NewlyWelks wedding was a magical day and we are so honored to be your photographers! May all your dreams come true!

I do, do you need more wedding in your life? – click here!!!

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