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A Love That “Leaves” You Breathless | Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania | Jenn & Pat’s Wedding

A Love That “Leaves” You Breathless | Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania | Jenn & Pat’s Wedding

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A Love That “Leaves” You Breathless | Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania | Jenn & Pat’s Wedding

A Love That “Leaves” You Breathless | Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania | Jenn & Pat’s Wedding


A Love That “Leaves” You Breathless
Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Jenn & Pat’s Wedding

Jenn and Pat’s story starts at Penn State where both went to college. Although they never met while they attended there, they both made a lot of mutual friends. After graduation, fatefully they both moved to Orlando. Jenn and Pat finally met though a mutual Penn State friend while watching a PSU football game at a bar. As Jenn tells the rest of the story, after several months of 5th grade flirting, Pat finally realized how great of a catch she was and officially asked her out.

While living in Orlando, Jenn and Pat loved to visit Epcot together. Once they both moved back to Pennsylvania, they still made return trips to visit their favorite place. On one specific return trip to Orlando, they decided to visit Epcot for the Food and Wine festival held there.   They walked around visiting each of their favorite places around the park as usual. However, this was not an ordinary trip to Epcot for the couple. Pat proposed to Jenn while in their favorite gardens where they would watch the “Beatles” bands play. Pat was so nervous while he proposed that he could hardly get out the words “I love you.” This surely made for an unforgettable visit to Epcot!


When it came to planning their wedding knowing that they both shared a love for Fall made picking the time of year they would get married simple.   October 17th became that special day.


It was a beautiful October day at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn. The staff were working hard to prepare the Terraview outdoor chapel for Jenn and Pat’s outdoor ceremony. Up until this day it had been a week of rain so the couple was very happy that the weather turned out to be able to hold their ceremony outdoors surrounded by the woods and changing fall leaves.

Jenn and Pat were both got ready at the Mount Airy Resort and Casino but their first look of each other would not take place until Jenn was walking down the aisle towards Pat.


In the Hensinger’s suite, Pat and his groomsmen spent the morning relaxing before it was time in the afternoon to get dressed in their tuxedos from C. E. Roth in Allentown. Before dawning their tuxedo jackets, Pat and his guys took a break for him to open up his wedding day gift from his bride.


Inside of a black Mr. & Mrs. bag, Pat pulled out a few different gifts. Each were wrapped in different tissue paper with a note attached giving a hint at to what the item was inside of the wrapping. So he could stay organized, Jenn gave Pat a wooden box bearing his name and a mustache. So he would smell nice, she gave him some cologne. Inside of a silver box engraved with “for the next 40 to 50 years,” were cufflinks and a tie clip.


Finally Pat got to the tissue paper wrapped gift that directed him to open it last. So he could keep it classy, Jenn gave Pat a very sharp looking Movado watch. After putting on his new watch, Pat took a moment to read a sweet love letter from Jenn before it was time to finish getting ready.


In another part of the resort, in the Audette suite, Jenn and her ladies were having their hair and makeup done by Sara Heckman and Ealaine Giering through Anthony Ashley Hair Design. Jenn’s hair was styled in delicate curls gathered and pinned to one side. Amidst the curls she wore a small crystal and pearl hair comb purchased from Crystal Avenues Etsy shop.


Once hair and makeup details were complete, the ladies took some time to relax while Jenn opened up her wedding day present from her groom. Inside of the delecate mint and white wrapping paper was a box and sweet love note from Pat. Inside of the box was a Louis Vuitton handbag.


After posing for a few photos showing off the sparkle detail on her veil, it was time for Jenn and her ladies to get ready. Each of the bridesmaids wore a deep ruby red dress from J. Crew bridal. Once each of the ladies were dressed it was time for Jenn to get into her sparkly Stefan Jolie gown from Bijou Bridal in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.


After zipping up her daughter’s wedding dress, Jenn’s mom helped put on her Swarovski bracelet. Jenn then put on her dangle Nadri earrings before spritzing herself with Tony Burch perfume. Once her veil from Pure Blooms Etsy shop was in place it was time to put on her Badgley Mischka heels.


We took advantage of the bright sunlight and window in the suite to capture a few stunning shots of Jenn in her full bridal attire before stopping to take a few more photos of the group in the lobby of the Mount Airy Resort as we traveled to the limo.


Jenn and her ladies took a few more formal shots in front of the large stone waterfalls inside of the inn and outside of the main lobby entrance to the resort. The crisp blue October sky scattered with big white clouds left us with breathtaking photos of Jenn outside around the lake and gardens there.


All of the ladies then climbed into the limo provided by Limousines 4 Less and traveled to the Stoudsmoor Country Inn, the venue for both the ceremony and reception. At the entrance to the outdoor chapel was a sign telling their wedding guests that as their two familes became one they asked that they would choose a seat instead of a side for the ceremony.


All of the white chairs were lined up in rows facing the altar. Behind the altar was a large stone wall. Surrounding the guest seating were beautiful gardens and a wooded area showcasing the beautiful changing fall leaves. Shepard hooks held arrangements of orange and crimson flowers and baby’s breath in clear jars along the aisle.


As anticipation and emotions began to grow for Jenn she was getting anxious to see her soon to be husband. Pat was also full of excitement to see his bride! As the guests were seated it was time for the groom and groomsmen to take their places by the altar.



Once Jenn and Pat’s parents took their places the bridesmaids ascended down the aisle carrying their beautiful bouquets designed by Susan Bernadette.  Penn Strings Piano Trio provided the beautiful melodies for the ceremony as each member of the bridal party walked down the aisle. After the flower girls speckled the aisle with flower petals, it was the ring bearer’s turn to proudly walk towards Pat carrying a sign saying “Uncle Pat, here comes your bride.”



This was the sign that Jenn and her father would be next to come through the double doors entering into the beautiful outdoor space. As soon as the double doors opened and Jenn and her father came around the corner of the walkway so Pay could see her, he couldn’t help but smile. The first word he uttered was “wow!” Everyone had big smiles as Jenn journeyed down the aisle toward Pat.


After passing off her bouquet to her Maid of Honor and her father giving her way, Jenn and Pat took each other’s hands and shared loving smiles as they took in the sight of each of their future spouses.


Each shared their vows and professed their love for each other in front of all of their dear loved ones. Once Pat put Jenn’s wedding band, a custom design by Sam D of DeBebians, on her finger and Jenn put Pat’s on his finger, the couple took a moment to look out at their guests and take everything from before that moment up until then in. Pastor Jim Brushear of Bethany United Methodist Church who was officiating the wedding then placed a hand on the couples hands together and said a prayer for their newly joined life.


Instead of a unity candle or sand ceremony, Jenn and Pat had a wine unity ceremony. At the altar was an engraved box which contained a bottle of wine and love letters for each to open on their anniversary. Both Jenn and Pat together locked the contents in the box with heart-shaped locks before sealing their vows with a kiss.


The guests blew bubbles from the bubbles that were attached to the ceremony programs to make the newlyweds’ exit special from there ceremony. While the guests enjoyed cocktail hour and the piano music of Scott Besser of Penn Strings, Jenn and Pat took formal photos with their families and bridal parties in the Chapel Terra and around the venue grounds.


The reception was being held in the Terraview ballroom that featured a wall of windows overlooking the beautiful fall scenery. The room took on an orange and golden glow with lighting effects from Gruvin’ Enterprises. Each of the tables was draped in a white linen with a burlap in lace runner down the middle. In the center of each of the tables was a display of fall floral with accents of wine.


As it got closer to the time for Jenn and Pat to make their grand entrance into the ballroom, all of the guests were seated and the parents and bridal party members began to make there way into the reception. Jenn and Pat made a grand entrance dancing their way into the center of their guests.


Gruvin’ Enterprises also provided the music for the evening through their DJ services. As the DJ played Matt White’s “Love and Affection,” Jenn and Pat shared their first dance as husband and wife.


At the end of their dance, Pat dipped Jenn down for a romantic kiss before they took their places at their table to listen to sentimental speeches by Jenn’s father, her Maid of Honor and Pat’s Best Man.   Following the toasts, Pat looked on as Jenn danced with her father before it was his turn to dance with his mother. Right after the parent dances were complete and dinner was served, Jenn’s parents gave Jenn and Pat a special gift.


As guests finished up with their meals, Jenn and Pat snuck away to take a few magical photos with sparklers and fun night shots around the venue. Inside the guests were celebrating on the dance floor and making a lot of great memories.


They took a break when it was time for Jenn and Pat to cut their cake. Stroudsmoor Bakery provided an elegant 4 tier cake decorated with white buttercream and delicate piping designs on each tier. Between all of the tears were fall colored roses reminiscent of the entire wedding color scheme. At the top of the cake was a small pennant banner that spelled out love and on two little decorations that said “I do” and “Me too.” Also displayed on the cake table was a custom design PSU groom’s cake that was shaped like a football bearing the Penn State logo.


After cutting a small piece out of the cake to share, Pat nicely fed Jenn a bite from a fork while Jenn did the same for him. Pat didn’t see as they were feeding each other, Jenn was reaching for another small piece of cake that she then proceeded to smash in his face. They then shared a “sweet” kiss before getting cleaned up to play the shoe game.


The shoe game was hosted by Paul, one of Pat’s groomsmen. Paul asked the couple questions and they needed to hold up the shoe belonging to the person in the relationship they feel fits the question the best.


Once the game ended, the guests returned to the dance floor and danced the night away. If they needed a break from dancing, guests could relax and take some fun photos in the photobooth provided by Gruvin’ Enterprises. After enjoying cake and more crazy dance moves, including the worm, Pat and some of his groomsmen took a break outside to share in some cigars.



Once back inside with the rest of the wedding guests, they took to the dance floor once again. Although this time the guests were armed with multicolored light sticks. The rest of the night went down in history as some of the guests lifted Jenn and Pat up into the air on chairs to have a light battle.


Even though the night rushed by Jenn and Pat can relive their wedding memories anytime they look through their photos or watch their video provided by Josh Camsan at JHC Videography.

We are so happy for these best friends turned husband and wife; and we wish them many more days of laughter together!

In hindsight of their beautiful and fun wedding, if Jenn could have done anything differently for there wedding she would have done a first look before the ceremony so that they could have had more time to enjoy their cocktail hour and celebrate with their guests. She was glad that the first time Pat saw her was walking down the aisle but because everything took place in one location they missed all of their cocktail hour because of all of the pictures she had wanted to take. Jenn also would have chosen a different first dance song so it was something that Pat would remember more than a few words to or the name and artist.


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