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Love Is In The Air (and so is SPRING!) Wedding | Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington, Delaware

Love Is In The Air (and so is SPRING!) Wedding | Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington, Delaware

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Love Is In The Air (and so is SPRING!) Wedding | Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington, Delaware

Love Is In The Air (and so is SPRING!) Wedding | Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington, Delaware


Lindsay & David’s Wedding Highlights

The first wedding of the season always holds a special place in our heart. The first wedding of the season, for us, always makes us feel like a kid on the first day of school. There is almost a palpable excitement that we love! For us, the first wedding of season this year was the fantastic wedding of Lindsay and David.

For Lindsay, her big day started by being surrounded by her family and bridesmaids as they got their hair and make-up done by Gloss Salon. One of our favorite moments was watching Lindsay’s face as she watched her flower girl have her hair and make-up done also. It was almost like watching a mini Lindsay get ready for the wedding! After hair and makeup, Lindsay and her mother went up to Lindsay’s childhood bedroom where Lindsay’s mom helped Lindsay into her Pronovias dress (purchased at Jennifer’s Bridal). As Lindsay looked in the mirror dressed for her wedding, you could tell she had looked at herself the same way when she was younger imagining what she would look like on her wedding day. Once fully dressed, and with her father waiting at the bottom of the stairs, Lindsay slowly descended the staircase. I love these kinds of moment for it is a true and magical moment. You could see a multitude of emotions simultaneously on her father’s face including joy, pride, and a little sadness. After lots of hugs and a few tears, she opened her gift from her groom. With a beaming face, and few more tears, she revealed David had purchased her a gorgeous pair of earrings. After a few portraits and family photos Lindsay and her ladies got in the City Wide Limousine limo to meet her groom at the church.

While Lindsay was prepping with her ladies, David was at his parent’s house just around the block. Surrounded by his guys, who are incredibly funny by the way, he quickly donned his Mens’ Wearhouse suit and grabbed a drink. This drink wasn’t any ordinary drink though. It was homemade limoncello made by David’s dad. I have tried a lot of homemade alcohols in my time and I can honestly say this one takes the cake. They chased the limoncello with homemade beer made by one of his groomsmen specifically for David’s wedding. Let me tell you, this wedding had no shortage of fine spirit makers. After a few libations, David opened the gift from his “bride to be”. It was a gorgeous set of cuff links made out of a hockey puck used during a Flyers game. Any true Flyers fan should be jealous.

Every once in a while we are asked to a take photo that resonates on an emotional level. In this case, David asked me to take a photo of him holding portraits of his grandparents. The moment had a form of reverence and a sense of understanding that he was part of a long chain with many generations before him. Once ready, he boarded a stretch limo provided by Citywide Limousine and headed off to Christ United Methodist Church.

David and Lindsay’s ceremony was full of tender moments and smiles culminating in a kiss. The couple now could officially wear their rings by Janvier Jewelers. After the receiving line, they headed back inside to exit to a shower of bubbles and cheers from all of their guests and family. Jeff from New Milford Productions caught some of these great moments on video for the newlyweds!

After the ceremony, the party moved to the fantastic Chase Center on the Riverfront located on the gorgeous and scenic Delaware Waterfront. After a few more celebratory drinks, the bridal party and team headed down to the Delaware Waterfront. When David told me there were cranes, I didn’t quite realize the magnitude he was talking about. There were two massive and very colorful cranes, standing sentry at the entrance to the waterfront path providing a spectacular backdrop for their bridal party portraits. After the bridal party portraits, Lindsay and David headed down to a scenic pier overlooking the Delaware River and wetlands. We took some more portraits capturing the love they have for each other and the gorgeous scenery. It was a great photo session in perfect weather!

After coming in from photos, Lindsay and David were able to sneak a quick peak at the venue space. As they entered the space, the look on Lindsay’s face was priceless as she saw the flowers provided by Bloomsberry Flowers and her cake by Cakes by Kim. It was a true moment! Lindsay and David were introduced into the ballroom at The Chase Center in full WWE regalia. With belts held over their head, they entered the dance floor to the roar of the crowd. Their entrance was just the start to an amazing party DJ’ed by Eclipse Entertainers. We were privileged to be there and thank Lindsay and David for having us on their big day and look forward to seeing them soon!

Travis and Jen

First wedding of 2016 at the Chase Center was a treat! Want to see more wedding fun? – click here!!!

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