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Cups ‘n’ Cakes – Grand Opening Celebration

Cups ‘n’ Cakes – Grand Opening Celebration

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Cups ‘n’ Cakes – Grand Opening Celebration

Cups ‘n’ Cakes – Grand Opening Celebration

Uncorked Studios, LLC & Cups 'n' Cakes

Yep, I admit it, this blog post is way over due.  I was browsing my files on my desktop and I found this fantastic video I had created for the Grand Opening Event for Cups ‘n’ Cakes back in April 2012.  The fun-tastic event was held at the Collegeville Station which is located near the Collegeville Diner and the Collegeville Post Office.

Uncorked Studios, LLC - York Street Hustle

If you love Cups ‘n’ Cakes, make sure you check out the fabulous band that played at their opening party. The York Street Hustle really made an impact on all the guests with their fabulous tunes. (Great band to hire to play at your wedding, *hint hint*).

Uncorked Studios, LLC - Appalachian Brewing Company

Oh! Also, if you loved the FREE BEER that was served at the event, check out Appalachian Brewing Company. They describe themselves as a “unique microbrewery,” with which I whole-heartingly agree. I recommend attending on a Thursday or Friday night, when you can grab a 6:00ish dinner, than hit up Cups ‘n’ Cakes for a delicious dessert before CnC closes at 8:00p.

Uncorked Studios, LLC

Uncorked Studios provided video coverage (see below!) and the unique version of our photobooth setup. The always-so-lovely Kristen helped us out by running the photobooth (love her!).  We enjoyed seeing our clients, old and new, enjoying the photobooth props and taking some pictures. And of course eating our fair share of cupcakes 🙂

Uncorked Studios, LLC - Photobooth

Uncorked Studios, LLC - Jen Travis Kristen

Uncorked Studios, LLC

I really adore both Aprille and Claudia’s dedication to Cups ‘n’ Cakes and being independent local business owners!  It was surely our pleasure to be apart of their big day. So check it out and send some love their way!

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