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Fab Friday: A Fabulous Obsession

Fab Friday: A Fabulous Obsession

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Fab Friday: A Fabulous Obsession

Fab Friday: A Fabulous Obsession

So I’m going to share a little secret with you all. It’s my new favorite place to find fun and inspiring ideas. I seriously debated sharing this little gem with you all, since it is where I find most of my brillant ideas, but I’ve decided to share it with you guys! Now I can no longer take credit for my fantastic new ideas!

My all time new favorite website is Pinterest

Some of you may have already heard about this fun and unique website, but for those of you who haven’t, I’ll fill you in!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can keep all the fun ideas and pictures you find online. I would always find things online that I thought was a great idea and think to myself… I need to remember that! I typically always forget or can never find the exact same thing that I had found before.  Pinterest helps solve these problems. It only take a few minutes to install the “pin it” button to your browser and then you can pin whatever you find on the web to one of your boards. They also give you the option of uploading your own photos to your boards.

A peak of what the Pinterest looked like this morning!

Pinterest is great for organizing ideas, projects, places you want to visit, books you want to read and the options go on and on. I also think it’s a fantastic way to store ideas for your wedding or big event! You can have as many boards as you would like and name them whatever you wish!

Here’s a glimpse of what my Pinterest boards look like

We are in the process of getting an Uncorked Studios Pinterest account! We will let you know as soon as it’s up and running so that you can follow us and see the items that we pin! We would love to follow your boards as well!
I hope you all head on over to Pinterest and check out their awesome site! I will warn you it will become very addicting!
Happy Pinning!

EDIT (November 21, 2011):
Check out our Boards!

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