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Fab Friday: Welcome!

Fab Friday: Welcome!

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Fab Friday: Welcome!

Fab Friday: Welcome!

Welcome to Fab Friday!

I’m very excited about this weekly update to the blog! First I want to give you a little bit of information about myself! I’m Kristen and one of the proud co-founders of Uncorked Studios! I would most definitely consider myself a girly girl. I have always been, even growing up with 3 brothers! I’ve always been drawn to sparkle, glitter, pink, jewelry, pearls, diamonds and anything that shines and sparkles!

I also LOVE weddings. My love of weddings began at an early age as I attended several family weddings around the age of 7.  I’ve been to, participated in, and helped planned more weddings then I can count.

I’ve also tried thousand and thousands of products over the years, if you check my bathroom you would find at least 150 different products floating around, I may have a problem!

I LOVE all things that are girly, so that is why I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays, aka Fab Friday, to my favorite products, tips, tricks and wedding ideas. I wanted everyone to be able to get something from this blog, not just those planning a wedding, so that’s why I decided to throw in the tips, tricks and products part!

So to launch Fab Friday I’m going to share about one of my favorite makeup products. This week my product of choice is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I swear by this stuff. I’ve used about 30 different types of eyeliner- gel, pencil, felt tip… I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I have tried a lot!

You can find it at Sephora or Ulta. It comes in 5 fantastic colors, Alloy, Black, Indigo, Moss, & Dark Brown. The cost is $20.00, which may sound a little pricey for eyeliner, but trust me it’s worth it! My favorite color is the black.

This one is by far my favorite eyeliner , it applies smoothly and evenly, dries quickly and lasts all day long! I love the thin marker-like tip because it allows you versatility in how you apply it! I wore it to a wedding that I cried through almost the whole ceremony and my eye liner stayed perfectly in place! No smears, smudges or black rivers running down my cheeks!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

Cheers! -Kristen

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