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Go BIG and Be BOLD with Your Engagement Photos!

Go BIG and Be BOLD with Your Engagement Photos!

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Go BIG and Be BOLD with Your Engagement Photos!

Go BIG and Be BOLD with Your Engagement Photos!


Go BIG and Be BOLD with Your Engagement Photos

It is YOUR wedding and your photos should celebrate YOUR love!

Now that you’re engaged, the first step to the wedding road is to schedule and take your engagement photos. According to experts at theKnot.com, the current trend is to make it BIG – make an impact.

Uncorked Studios was featured on Monday and Tuesday in The New York Post and on Good Morning America for this exciting engagement photography concept!

Check out the media features below as well as 7 tips for getting involved with this super fun animated trend.


Take me to the NEW YORK POST!




Check Out our 7 Tips for BIG and BOLD engagement Photos!


1. Bring a *Furry* Friend!

UncorkedStudios_DogEngagementPhotoIf you’re not super adventurous, start with adding your pet into a segment of your engagement session. Everyone ones a furry friend and you’re certain to get a lot of “ooooOoo” and “ahhHhhh” as a result.


PRO TIP: Bring a trusted friend to your session to babysit your pup in-between takes.


2. Theme it!


Theme your shoot. Choose a movie, a theme, a book, a prop. or concept for which you both share a passion. Come up with a few ideas and narrow it down instead of using the first one that pops into your head.


PRO TIP: Make sure your concept is a SHARED interest – these should photos reflect the two of you.


3. Nothing is too out-of-the-box


Well, almost nothing is too out-of-the-box. Make a list with your fiancé(e) and really talk about the goal of your images. You want the final images to 100% reflect the two of you – you don’t want to be offbeat for the sake of being offbeat (unless that’s your thing!). It’s also fun to consider a mashup of your two passions to create the ultimate shoot (like the couple above!)


PRO TIP: Run a few ideas past your photographer and your best friend, you’re looking for the response “oh that’s awesome!” or “That’s totally you guys!”.


4. Being a Teeny Tiny Bit Traditionally Normal is Sorta Maybe Okay*


**Simple is okay too** – but seriously, how many photos do you need of the two of you standing and smiling at the camera? Check out (below) the eye-catching photos we did after we got all the posey-posey stuff out of the way!


PRO TIP: Bring an outfit that you know mom, dad, and grandma will approve of – stand and smile for a few shots then move on to something a little more flirty, adventurous, and storytelling.


5. Location, Location, Location


So maybe you and your fiancé(e) have no shared hobbies, or movies, or any strong interests that would photograph well… so where does that leave you? Pick a really great location as a backdrop and stay a little traditional in what you wear. The location will help bring a fun element to your images (and depending on the location, it can certainly create an awesome story and forever memory!)


PRO TIP: There is a time and a place for a gazebo, a garden, or pretty much anything easy. Move past those and think broader, but keep in mind, some really funky unique locations require a photo media permit to photograph there (unfortunately not every location is free – even the more common and popular ones).


6. Let’s Have a Chat


Talk to your photographer. Let me repeat – talk to your photographer. They photograph this stuff for a living, so they probably have some killer ideas to incorporate your personalities or raise your shoot “to the next level”.  If you are excited about your images, they will be excited about your images.


PRO CONFESSION: Travis and I brainstorm fun ideas for unique sessions on long car rides… we’re just seeking the perfect couples to implement them.


7. Be Prepared for a Long Day or Multiple Sessions


Rome wasn’t built in a day (and neither will your epic engagement shots).  A good session takes of planning and patience… an epic session takes blood, sweat, and tears. As long as you do and plan everything with love, the session is going to be ridiculously eye-catching in the end – no matter where you fall on the out-of-the-box scale.


We hope these tips will help you plan for the photo session of your dreams!

Cheers! Jen & Travis

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