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I Woof You Engagement | Pratt Gardens | Pilesgrove, New Jersey

I Woof You Engagement | Pratt Gardens | Pilesgrove, New Jersey

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I Woof You Engagement | Pratt Gardens | Pilesgrove, New Jersey

I Woof You Engagement | Pratt Gardens | Pilesgrove, New Jersey


Kirbie & Frank’s Engagement Session Highlights

If you saw these two walking around their neighborhood together with their puppies, Bella and Callie, you might think they were already married a few years ago.

These two just fit together so naturally. They share a love of spending time together, their puppies, and making a home. I’m super in love with watching the evolution of their Christmas decorations go up on the outside of their home, the inside of their home, and their tree! I expect some pretty epic Christmas cards (complete with puppies in reindeer antlers) and seeing you two as a team on The Great Light Fight in the future!

Kirbie and Frank’s engagement session happened at Pratt Gardens in New Jersey. This privately owned garden was a great backdrop for this engaged duo to spend some time together for photos and snuggle up to their puppies for some great family moments. The rolling hills and fields at golden hour made such a romantic setting for their engagement photos. This duo got engaged at Longwood Gardens so they wanted to capture a bit of that fairytale magic and include their puppies!

My favorite part of the session was at the very end.  The sun was setting and light was beginning to fade.  We had crawled into a field of soy placing the crops between us and Kirbie and Frank.  With the light at our back and the sun casting gorgeous golden rays on the couple, we sat back and witnessed two people deeply in love.  As they stood and held each other, you could hear a thousand words pass between then in a moment of silence.  It was a truly heart warming and special moment.

We really excited for your August wedding at Normandy Farm in 2017! I think we should totally rock some night photography with all those beautiful lights!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

  1. Annette Paolini

    December 12th, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Love their pictures can’t wait to see the new ones when their baby comes!

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