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Jen’s Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

Jen’s Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

Dog and Engagement Ring

Jen’s Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

We were fortunate to travel all over the east coast last season photographing our future brides and grooms. I always love the first meeting after the engagement session when I get to see their reactions for the first time of how their relationship plays out in still photos. Most of the time, the couples favorite engagement photo is not my favorite from the session (for various reasons), so I thought it would be fun to share my favorite engagement photos from 2013.

(in no particular order)

Ashley & Bryan

Soccer Themed Engagement Session

This is my favorite from their session for two reasons

  1. They both love soccer, being competitive, and being in love… which I feel plays out perfectly in this photo.
  2. This is photographed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art… but you’d never know.

Molly & Jesse

Forbidden Drive Engagement Session in Philadelphia

My favorite from their session for a very personal reason; this was the first photography session I did after my grandmother passed away very suddenly in June. I was still very emotional going into their session and this particular photo was the second or third pose we did with Molly and Jesse. Just seeing how relaxed and how much in love the two of them are with each other put me at ease and seeing this photo simply reminds me how I felt at the exact moment I snapped it.

Meghan & Brandon

Cloudy Silhouette

My favorite photo from their session because I am a sucker for silhouette photos! I think it’s pretty awesome how even though they are so small compared to the rest of the photo, your eyes are directed right to the two of them snuggling up together. (plus, honestly, could the clouds be more perfect?)

Ami & Anthony

Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement Session

This is my favorite from their session because it emotes Philadelphia! The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of my favorite places to photograph an engagement session because there are so many areas around the museum to photograph (not just the Rocky steps!). Typically I prefer photos where it is a little less obvious where the scene of the photo is, but this one just takes my breath away. I do not think I’ve ever experienced a hotter day in the month of May. Though the sunset was beautiful, I just found the golden hour light on this May day practically delicious as it setup the scene for Ami and Anthony.

Trisha & Bryan

Golden Hour Engagement Session

Not sure if I can count all the ways I adore this photo. They had their hearts set on photographing at a ski lodge during the January-March months of early 2013. I laugh now, because there simply was just not enough snow every time we scheduled their session. We elected to photograph at the local Manatawny Creek Winery because wine is also another hobby the two share (and they ALSO got married at a winery). Brian had packed his car with all of their ski gear and the two of them suited up for this sunset shot. I think this could have been the only photo we took all day of the two of them and the groom would have been ecstatic with the outcome!


 Carly & Chris

Outdoor drizzly day engagement session

My favorite photo for the pure fact that Carly refused to wear any warm clothing for the entire photo session! Their session happened on a rather chilly (and somewhat stormy looking) fall afternoon.  Though it was chilly, it worked well for their chemistry together; neither one of them had a problem cuddling up close together to get the shot! We asked them to stroll along the waterfront and as they did, the ducks lined perfectly behind them in the water (no duck photoshop here!) Also, if you look closely, this girl is wearing some mega heels and walking in loose stone! Mad kudos to you!


Danielle & Matt

Phoenixville Foundry Engagement Session

This photo was taken in front of their wedding venue in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. We had to start their session in side because it was down pouring (and rescheduling wasn’t an option!). We glanced out the window and notice the sky cleared up just in time for sunset. We bolted outside to their venue and snapped this. I was uploading it later that night and wham, it hit me. There is a phoenix in the sky. Do you see it? Seriously! How cool is that? A phoenix in Phoenixville???


Michelle & Jimmy

Jeep Lover engagement Session

At the moment this phot was taken, this guy loved two things in the world more than anything else; his jeep and his finance (I have to make a note, that is it now three things, jeep, fiancé, and new baby boy! Congratulations guys!).  We drove the jeep into a big empty field and took full advantage of the creamy golden hour light. They totally rocked the shot!


Neha & Jithin

Power Couple Engagement Session with Airplane

There is a moment of pride for a photographer when you go into a session with very little knowledge of how it is going to play out (aka, we’ve never seen the scene before!). We knew ahead of time that the couple was gorgeous, wanted fierce photos, and we were photographing on an active jetway. Oh, and we only had 15 minutes to pull off the shots we wanted! Of course there was rain, a cool sky, some planes, etc etc, but I adore this photo that the couples friends lovingly deemed their “shark tank” photo.


Katelyn & Roberto

Summer engagement session - Playing in a fountain

My favorite shot because it was something I have always wanted to do on an engagement session, but I have always been afraid of getting kicked out of a location (or fined). We started the session with their dogs (who were seriously perfectly behaved) and some light hearted save the date portraits. After an outfit change, we returned to this fountain where Roberto and Katelyn hopped in to cool off!  I think we maybe snapped five total photos in the spot, but it was just so much fun seeing this vision come to life.


Lisa & David

Romantic Sunset Silhouette

I mentioned it earlier, but silhouettes are seriously some of my favorite photos. Lisa told us she didn’t care if we did any other photos, but sunset was the most important time of day for her. Fortunately we had a warm fall day with a ridiculously awesome sunset. Honestly, this reminds of something out of a Disney princess film… and I love that concept; you know, romantic fairy tale stuff!


Catherine & Alex

Summer Love Engagement Session

We had this fun concept of capturing a wide photo that was perfect lit with our giant light… while the couple was dancing in a field. Mission accomplished!  Thank goodness the summertime heat was starting to dissipate when we started playing around with this on Alex and Catherine’s mini session.


Nikki & Ryan


We rarely get to photograph in our clients homes for engagement sessions and these guys have the perfect house to hold a photo session. They had just finished remodeling their kitchen which created the perfect backdrop for this engagement session! Love this photo from this session because Nikki and Ryan just followed my directions to a T!  I told the pair to have fun and chase around the island in their kitchen for a fun game of grab-@ss! Guess he caught her!


Rachel & Matt

Dreary Day engagement session - how cool!

We were fortunate to travel down to Virginia to photograph Rachel and Matt’s engagement session at a beautiful winery.  The only thing about this winery is they do not grow their grapes on location, so all of the traditional “in the vines” photos we usually do we scrapped for a really cool antique shop which had opened two days prior. This photo was taken outside the winery while the sun was getting ready to go down. Clouds had rolled in and I thought we needed a backlight. Well the backlight turned out to be pure magic and the expressions on their faces makes you believe in love!


Hailey & David

5 Pointz Engagement Session - Graffiti  NYC Engagement

Adore adore adore this location for engagement sessions. Unfortunately two days after we photographed here, all the beautiful graffiti was whitewashed to make way for the building to be torn down. 5 Pointz was a very popular photography spot in New York City. I feel very fortunate we were able to photograph Hailey and David at this location before it was demolished! Also another great reason why to NOT reschedule due to weather. It was suppose to rain all day (and it did drizzle most of the day). If we had rescheduled, we never would have photographed here!


Kelly & Tom

Winter Engagement Session

My favorite photo from Kelly and Tom’s session because I love love love the expressions on their faces. I also was hiding in a bush in the middle of Bethlehem during the holiday season. And I was also picturing recreating this similar image at their destination wedding in Hawaii! Such a great engagement session to end the year on!


Luke & Michelle

Engagement Session with Children

One of my favorite photos from their session because I got to combine one of my favorite engagement session poses with the idea that their engagement signifies a blending of a new family! We thought it would be fun to bring Michelle’s daughter and incorporate her into a few of the photos during Luke and Michelle’s engagement session. This photo makes me smile because the daughter looks like she already has both parent figures wrapped around her fingers!


Kelly & J.J.

Football and Wedding Themed Engagement Session

Kelly and J.J. approached us with a crazy idea for their save the date card. We too their crazy idea and took it to a higher level! He loves football (Go Eagles!) and she loves weddings. We happen to have the biggest, tuellest, and fluffiest wedding dress hanging in our prop closet. We grabbed a veil from the 1970’s, threw in some pizza, beer, and wedding magazines to create this fun engagement photo.

Thank you

Thank you to our wonderful couples that allowed us to have some fun with them on their engagement sessions and capture some truly awesome images (in all seasons)!

Jen and Travis from Uncorked Studios Wedding Photography at Work on Engagement Sessions

Cheers and Love, Jen


Jen’s Favorite Engagement Photos from 2013

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