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Lady E’s Philly Phantastic Boudoir Session

Lady E’s Philly Phantastic Boudoir Session

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Lady E’s Philly Phantastic Boudoir Session

Lady E’s Philly Phantastic Boudoir Session

Uncorked Studios, LLC

Lady E is adorable, cute, quiet, and sweet.  She wanted to do a Valentine’s Day shoot for her fiancé, and I’m sure glad she did! You can tell in the twinkle of her eye the confidence boost her boudoir session was, and I cannot wait to hear what her fiancé has to say about his “Get Lucky” book she made for him.  Thank you Lady E for sharing some of your own words and a few of those photos on the blog.

Lady E participated in our recent Valentine’s Day boudoir mini-sessions at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. She managed to organize four friends to gather with her at the hotel and take some fun photos. Lady E was the last girl to be photographed that night, so she was ready to go when it was her turn.

Her session started out with with make-up and hair done by the fabulous Sarah Beatty. Lady E had a particular look in mind, I think between the make-up, hair, wardrobe, and photographs, we captured everything she had in mind!

Uncorked Studios, LLC
I asked Lady E to share a few of her own words.

Why did you decide to do a boudoir photo session?

The reason that I chose to have a boudoir photo session as because I wanted to do something different for my fiancé, something out of my normal comfort zone that I never would have that of doing and something he would have thought I would do.   

Why did you choose Uncorked Studios?

The reason I chose Uncorked Studios was for starters, when I met them at the Philadelphia Bridal Show at the Loews’ Hotel, they were super nice and up front about everything, so after leaving my cousin and I thought about it and kind of pushed it to the back burner.  A couple days later I received an e-mail because of my many entries into their bowl for a gift give away and started to talk to Jen about doing a shoot for Valentine’s Day and the next thing I know 4 friends and myself book an appointment and had a session.  

How did you prepare for the session?

 I pretty much had to prepare myself mentally for the session because I was so nervous / scared / excited all at the same time.  Once the session started, everything about it went smooth and I was feeling nervous or scared anymore, just excited.

Who are your boudoir photos for?

My boudoir photos are for my fiancé for as a Valentine’s Day gift.

How was the experience?

The experience was great!  Would I do it again, Hell Yeah!!!!

How do you feel about your images?

I love them!  I couldn’t believe it when I had seen them on the website.  I was like, Holy #^%$ I can’t believe that is me! 

Uncorked Studios, LLC

How did you decide about additional products or which photos to get?

I did not get any additional photos, but choosing the photos to pick was the hardest part.  I must have scanned the photos for about a hour before deciding, plus I was asking my friends what they thought and which pictures they liked. 

Why should other women do a boudoir photoshoot?

I think all women should do this at least once and with a group of friends!  Having friends there made the experience so much better since we were able to laugh and harass each other while the sessions went on.  I know if I didn’t go with my friends, I would have never done this alone.

Uncorked Studios, LLC

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