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Lady S’ Luxurious Bucks County Boudoir Session

Lady S’ Luxurious Bucks County Boudoir Session

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Lady S’ Luxurious Bucks County Boudoir Session

Lady S’ Luxurious Bucks County Boudoir Session

Uncorked Studios, LLC
I met Lady S at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia at a bridal show brought to you by the Great Bridal Expo. She was getting married within a few months and was looking for a fun surprise for her hubby-to-be.

Uncorked Studios, LLC

Lady S had a vision to do her session at a local historical hotel which is a luxurious and fabulous choice for a photography location. There were so many areas in the room we could shoot in. It may sound funny, but my absolute favorite location was the bathroom! It was complete with a HUGE claw foot tub with enough space for two people! When you get to the bottom of this post, you’ll see one of my absolute favorite shots of Lady S perched on the edge of the tub in heels. Wow!

Uncorked Studios, LLC

I always love to show clients a sneak peak of the photos after the shoot. It is such a rush to get feedback from my beautiful models!

“I just saw, I’m in love!! You’re doing such a great job, the more I see the more excited I get. [my fiancé] is going to be so happy. Thank you so much Jen!”

Maybe if you know Lady S, she might be kind enough to share some of her favorite shots with you; but I’m sure they are for her fiancé’s eyes only! Congratulations on your wedding Lady S, your fiancé is one lucky guy.

Why did you decide to do a boudoir photo session?

  I decided to do a boudoir photo session for my honey, as a morning of wedding gift! Unfortunately, we have spent a lot of time a part because he is in the military, and I couldn’t have picked a better gift to give to him to let him know one last time, the wait was worth it 🙂

Why did you choose Uncorked Studios?

 I saw Uncorked Studios set up at The Great Bridal Expo, and I was completely blown away by their professionalism and enthusiasm for photography. Not to mention, their photos are absolute perfection! 

How did you prepare for the session?

The morning of! Doing a boudoir session is something I would have NEVER done. So the morning of the photo session I said to myself omgosh this is really happening today… PANIC I have nothing sexy, I NEED to get some clothes! Gathered some costume jewelry at home, bought sexy clothes, heels, and I was off!

Uncorked Studios, LLC

Who are your boudoir photos for?

My photos are for my husband 🙂 Not only for him but for myself. That day I proved to myself I can be sexy too, and I can feel like a strong confident women. Some day I will look back, and say what the heck happened to me, I used to be so good looking!

How was the experience?

My experience… was GREAT! Better than great! I was all nerves going into it (I’m super camera shy) but Jen could of not done a better job of making me feel as ease. Please ladies have a drink before you do it! Let yourself enjoy it, because the time goes so fast, and you don’t want to worry the entire time, or feel uncomfortable.

How do you feel about your images?

I LOVE THEM!! The pictures are such a great pick me up when you need it! Jen does a fantastic job of catching the photo at the right time!

Uncorked Studios, LLC

How did you decide about additional products or which photos to get?

I picked the photos I felt most sexy about when I looked at them. I knew if I thought they were something to show off my husband would be 10x as thrilled! If I could have ordered all the products I would have! However, I only picked the Get Lucky Book, I left the rest of the picking to my husband. After all it was a gift for him, and I want him to be even more excited over them than myself!

Why should other women do a boudoir photoshoot?

If you are someone like me, and you really want to but say I can’t see myself doing that…PLEASE DO IT!! I promise you will not regret it. This is one of those things that if you don’t do it now in your life, you will probably never do it again. Life is so short DO THE BOUDOIR SHOOT, especially still looking and feeling sexy!! 

Uncorked Studios, LLC

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