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The One with Many Breweries | Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The One with Many Breweries | Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The One with Many Breweries | Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The One with Many Breweries | Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cristine & Richard’s Wedding Day Highlights

This Ballroom at the Ben experience was certainly an amazing way to end our “week of weddings” at the beginning of November. This amazing duo named every table at Ballroom at the Ben after different breweries (and I’m quite certain that all the breweries were ones they have visited together – they have pretty awesome date nights if this is the case!).


But before there was breweries and Ballroom and the Ben and Quizzo… we had to get there first.

Richard chose to get ready at his parent’s house and, personally, I think it was an amazing choice. As I walked in the house I was greeted by a bouquet of amazing breakfast smells. From coffee, to bagels, to bacon there was a full breakfast spread on the kitchen table ready for to be devoured. There was plenty of groomsmen to take advantage of this spread and they did. Surrounded by friends, family, and his four footed friend – Champ, Richard put on his Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo before sitting down with several of his groomsmen and enjoyed the amazing food his mother prepared. With food in everyone stomach, we headed outside for a some photos. As each of the groomsmen stood with Richard I got to hear how they all met and knew Richard. Each of their stories were all pretty hysterical and also genuinely sweet as it was clear Richard and Cristine were surrounded by truly loving and caring friends.

Ten (or so) women crowded around Cristine in the bridal suite at the Franklin Hotel at Independence Park. Those ten (or so) did not include the hair and make-up team from Oggi Salon. There was much laughter (and a  bit of chaos!) in the room, but Cristine was beaming with a smile from ear to ear – it was her wedding day! When it was time, her bridesmaids brought over her Eddy K bridal gown, from Curvaceous Couture. As Cristine was helped into her gown, she twirled her flower girl and played thumb wars with her junior bridesmaid. If Cristine was nervous at all to marry Richard, those feelings were nowhere to be found! We practically had to tie her down in the room to keep from running into the lobby to see her future husband.

The two elected to read their love notes standing back to back in the lobby of the hotel – right before seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was a great quiet and private moment for these two. You can tell they are usually surrounded by many friends and family, though they seen the most comfortable when they are in the same room together. One of the two may have shed a tear while they read their notes, but I’ll let you guess which one that was! Cristine greeted her husband-to-be with a big smile and open arms before they sat in the hotel parlor for a few minutes before catching up with the bridal party on the trolley from Philadelphia Trolley Works.

We dashed off to the Philadelphia Art Museum and captured some great moments at the top of the stairs!  To add to the class of Cristine and Richard’s wedding day, the crew had top hats and monocles to wear for photos. It was fun watching the bridal party to “embrace their characters” and really play with the props. We pulled the almost-weds aside to do some photos of just the two of them looking over the great city of Philadelphia. Together they just make each other smile, so it was easy to set them up for different photos around the Philadelphia Museum of Art campus.

Next up we headed over to Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral for family photos. Family is very near and dear to Cristine and Richard! We also got to see Champ (and he joined us for family photos as well!). As the family photos finished, guests started to arrive to the church for their ceremony. The almost-weds parted ways as they hang out with their bridal party before the ceremony. Thought I’m sure they were both a bit nervous, it didn’t show on either of their faces. Cristine was beaming as she walked down the aisle towards her future husband. The ceremonies always seem to go quickly, and before we knew it, the duo was married and we were off to Ballroom at the Ben to celebrate the newlyweds.

The classic ballroom at Ballroom at the Ben is decorated with a European ambiance and Cristine and Richard added their own decorations and flair to the place! The newlyweds brought their love of beer and breweries to their reception by naming each table after a different brewery. To take it a step further, they purchased a beer from each of the breweries and had it on the table for guests to try. What a neat experience to try different craft beers from all over the place! As the newlyweds descended the stairway into their reception, they took a moment to see all 143 guests waving and cheering the on. DJ Gaetano played them into the center of the dance floor where they shared their first dance to Devine, Devin Townsend.

The music was a DJ-Fusion event so they had live drums and electric cello playing along with the tunes DJ Gaetano was spinning during the evening. The newlyweds smashed their cake, by Termini’s Bakery, into each others faces before sharing a tender kiss on the dance floor. We snapped a few late night portraits around the Ballroom at the Ben building before it was time to kick it up on the dance floor and dance the night away. Thank you Cristine and Richard for the fun filled day!

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