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The One With Mattman and Robyn | Kimberton Inn | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One With Mattman and Robyn | Kimberton Inn | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

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The One With Mattman and Robyn | Kimberton Inn | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One With Mattman and Robyn | Kimberton Inn | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Robyn & Matthew’s Wedding Day Highlights

Robyn spent the entire day with a smile on her face. I have never met a woman who was so happy on her wedding day and so excited to marry the man of her dreams!

Our day started with Robyn at Salon II with her hair artist, Jeanne. It was a quiet morning – it was just the bride and her mother at the salon where Robyn was getting her hair and makeup done. A little off the beaten path – the owner of the salon has known Robyn and her family since she was a little girl! Between the laughing (and the quick tears from the groom-to-be’s sweet Facebook post), Nicolette from Chic Cosmetic got Robyn ready to head to the church where she would meet up with her bridal party and get ready for the first look with Matt!

I thought about enumerating all the myriad ways that Robyn makes me a better person, but I’d all too quickly lose count. I thought about describing her, but I’d all too quickly exhaust a thesaurus. I thought about telling of the depth of my love for her, but I’d all too quickly realize that I’d end up saying love more often than Lin-Manuel.” Matt is a self-proclaimed man of few words – but I thought the words he used to describe his love for his wife-to-be (the Facebook post I referenced above) fit perfectly with the day. The duo have a tight-knit group of friends that joined them at The United Church of Christ at Valley Forge to get ready for the wedding. 

Matt got ready surrounded by laughter.  It was the kind of  laughter which fills and warms a rooms.  It was the kind of laughter which you remember from your childhood.  It was the kind of laughter you overhear in the next room and it makes you want to join the fun.  It was clear as Matt got ready, that this groom is an incredibly caring and giving guy.  As he put on his Men’s Wearhouse tuxedo , he talked almost entirely about his bride-to-be and his friends. It was only when I asked him directly did he talk about himself, or discuss how he was feeling.  As Matt tied his tie and put on his fedora, it was clear to see why Matt and Robin are together.  They both have the largest most caring hearts, and together they create a “tour de force” which warms, fills, and lifts anywhere they go together.

Once in her dress, from Jon’s Bridal by Suzanne, Robyn clicked together her red heels and walked outside to see her groom-t0-be for their first look. It was a warm and lovely autumn day and Matt waited patiently along a walkway that connected the buildings. Robyn walked up and tapped Matt on the shoulder. He turned around with a smile and pulled her in for a kiss. For five minutes the two just stood and held hands and whispered secrets to each other. I’m sure they were talking about their jitters and excitement for the ceremony and leaving for their whirlwind of a honeymoon in Orlando. As they walked along the side of their church together, the Sterling Limousine Service arrived to take the two of them and their bridal party to Valley Forge National Historical Park for photos.

Perfect blue autumn skies were the backdrop for their photos along with the crisp reds and oranges of Pennsylvania fall leaves. The two never stopped smiling as we did various combinations of photos with the bridal party. The ladies wore handmade shawls with their grey David’s Bridal dress while the guys rocked some awesome fedoras, from Hats.com with their suits. The bouquets from Plaza Florist matched the ladies shawls and really popped off the background of the park! I absolutely adore how these two hold hands and laugh with each other – we could have spent a whole afternoon just photographing them together.

Portrait time came and went and before we knew it it was time for the ceremony. A unique blend of beliefs (mixing Jewish and Protestant traditions) united these newlyweds and their families together on this autumn afternoon. Robyn knitted the Chuppah for the ceremony and Matt built the stands for it, though they elected to have their bridal party hold it and be an intimate part of the ceremony. They exited the church to a stream of bubbles blown by their guests (did I mention how much they were smiling?!). They climbed into the limo and were whisked off to the Kimberton Inn for a handful more portraits. A champagne fueled cheer from the bridal party welcomed the newlyweds into their cocktail hour.

Both the bride and groom rocked the dance floor for the remainder of the evening to the music style of Eclipse Entertainment. Bridesmaid Yael Lopez led a Havdalah and Ketubah signing during the reception and explained the importance of these traditions to the newlyweds and their family and friends. Though there was no official cake cutting, the cupcakes from Gina’s Amazing Gourmet Cupcakes were on display for most of the night before guests starting sneaking them onto their plates for dessert.

Thank you to #MattmanAndRobyn for including us in your wedding adventures! We are so excited to see where life takes the two of you and we enjoy seeing your complete happiness together!


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