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Summer Love and Borrowed and Blue! | Our Lady of Fatima Church & The Oaks Ballroom | Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Summer Love and Borrowed and Blue! | Our Lady of Fatima Church & The Oaks Ballroom | Glenolden, Pennsylvania

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Summer Love and Borrowed and Blue! | Our Lady of Fatima Church & The Oaks Ballroom | Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Summer Love and Borrowed and Blue! | Our Lady of Fatima Church & The Oaks Ballroom | Glenolden, Pennsylvania


Stephanie & Eric’s Wedding Day Highlights

When it comes to Eric and Stephanie, there is one word that comes to mind: impact. Throughout the entire wedding day, anytime anyone talked about Eric and Stephanie the word “impact” was used. Let me set the stage a little. That might made things a clearer.

For Eric, the day started with him and his groomsmen getting ready at their newly renovated house nestled in Brookhaven, Pa. Eric is a huge music fan. Saying he is a fan is probably an understatement however, he did one of our favorite things and incorporated his passions into his wedding. He and his groomsmen expressed their love of music by all wearing band/concert shirts under their tuxes. Everything from Rush to Guns and Roses to Willy Nelson was represented and worn proudly under tuxedos. After Eric put on his tuxedo he relaxed and had lunch with his groomsmen and his father. It was during this time I heard the word “impact” for the first. Eric’s father was telling me about Eric’s involvement in a local high school’s marching band and indoor percussion programs. During this conversation Eric’s father recalled a story of a student telling him how much of an impact Eric had on the students life. Being in marching band myself in high school I instantly understood how much instructors have on their students. I smiled for I could tell it was going to be the start of a great day.

While Eric and his guys were hanging out listening to tunes, Stephanie spent the morning with her ladies at her parent’s gorgeous house located not far from where Eric was getting ready. After having their hair done by Kada Design Hair Studio and make up done by Lori G, her ladies helped Stephanie slip into her gorgeous gown. She found this amazing dress at Claire’s Fashions (what an absolutely amazing find for a dress! The embroidery and beaded back was too perfect for words).  As she was getting ready, I walked around her parent’s house enjoying the pictures on the walls, and her bridesmaids were telling me storied about each picture. As I watched Stephanie get older in the pictures, her bride’s maids told me about how Stephanie loves to teach dance to students and work in the theater department at a local high school. It was during this discussion I heard the word again. They told me how Stephanie has an amazing impact on the students and they love to see the musicals she choreograph and creates. I could feel a trend starting to form already. After Stephanie was dressed and a few pictures were taken outside, Stephanie and the girls boarded a limo bus provided by Ace Limousine Service and they headed to Our Lady of Fatima Church.

The ladies of the bridal party most definitely had a dance party with their blue orchid flowers, from Ridley Park Florist, in the limo prior to entering the church. #justsayin’

Insert more impact here. I believe we may or may not have seen Eric shed a tear as his beautiful wife-to-be was escorted down the aisle at the church (Muddy Snow Productions – I’m sure you got a great video clip of this!). Everything about their ceremony made an impact – on the newlyweds, their guests, and everyone within earshot of the church felt how much these two wanted to be married. Father Mulranen performed a lovely ceremony with great impact.

After the ceremony, everyone headed to Glenolden Park to take more photos. The weather was perfect, as Stephanie and Eric enjoyed each other’s company, and the weather, as we had a blast photographing them in the park. Once the photos were done, everyone got back on the bus and headed to The Oaks Ballroom where they enjoyed cocktail hour to the serene sounds of a solo guitar played by John Grecia. As they night when on and the reception moved forward, it was fantastic observing how Stephanie and Eric crafted their reception to be a representation of themselves. Everything from choreographed dances to a gift box made out of snare drum was seen at the wedding. During the toasts by the best man and maid of honor we heard more stories about Stephanie and Eric, and each one revolved around the same major theme of the impact Stephanie and Eric had on their lives. They shared a very sweet bite of cake together of their Master’s Baker cake. The party continued with some of the best dancing I have seen at a wedding (thanks to DJ Steve Kurtz!). Guests also enjoyed the Photo Booth in the lobby from B&B Light and Sound.

We would like to thank Eric and Stephanie for including us in their wedding. I can say Eric and Stephanie have had an impact on us and we look forward to seeing where they future takes them!

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