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The One on Earth Day | Wilmington Country Club | Wilmington, DE

The One on Earth Day | Wilmington Country Club | Wilmington, DE

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The One on Earth Day | Wilmington Country Club | Wilmington, DE

The One on Earth Day | Wilmington Country Club | Wilmington, DE

Amanda & James’ Wedding Day Highlights

Earth Day was perhaps the most requested wedding date in spring of 2017. Our day was booked far in advance to be spent with Amanda and James for some wedding day fun!

The day started for James at his house located in Delaware surrounded by friends and kept company by his very friendly and energetic golden-doodle, Simba. James put on his tuxedo from Formal Affairs while laughing the the entire time. Jame’s groomsmen were hysterical. One of the funniest bunch of guys I have been around, they kept the energy going as everyone got dressed. After putting on his tuxedo, he read a very emotional letter from his fiancé. But before reading his letter, he had a quick impromptu photoshoot with Simba. Simba had a matching tie to the guys in the bridal party! James said good-bye to his dog and headed out the door to see his “wife-to-be”.

At the same time Amanda was at the Wilmington Country Club, have her makeup and hair done by Swift Make-up Artistry and her hair arranged by hair. The Wilmington Country Club is a wonderful location and has hotel rooms (more like mini home away from homes) on-site allowing the Amanda and her girls to get ready without leaving the venue. Just like Jame’s experience laughter filled the air as Amanda got into her Anna Campbell wedding gown from Lovely Bride with the help of her mother and maid of honor. After ties the last ribbon and putting on her shoes, Amanda had last minute touch ups before heading out the door to meet her fiancé at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

The doors opened to the back of the church and Amanda and her Father entered to the iconic and timeless wedding music. James couldn’t believe how beautiful his bride-to-be looked as she ascended towards him. He cupped his hand over his mouth as she approached and he greeted her Father with a hug. The stained glass presented a beautiful backdrop for their catholic ceremony by Father Melnick. With a kiss and prayer, the two were married and heading down the aisle to the back of the church to celebrate their marriage. After some pictures of Amanda and her girls in their Bill Levkoff dresses from Claire’s Fashions, and some family photos in the sanctuary, the party was off to the country club. It was a great party in the Mid Atlantic Limousine on the way back to the Wilmington Country Club!

The pitter-patter of light rain drove the couple inside the country club for their portrait time. James couldn’t keep his eyes of Amanda and every time she caught him glancing in her direction, a smile crept across her face. The two have friends from many walks of life, so their bridal party was happy to share many different stories and wonderful moments about the couple. Mostly, the bridal party was ready to hear the live band and tare up the dance floor! Kevin Fonash Studio was there with video to capture the entire day.

Once the toasts were shared, the formal dances were danced, and the cake was cut, the Jump Street Band turned up the volume and the guests swarmed the dance floor. Amanda and James were surrounded by their friends and family for the entire night. The night only paused for some large group photos out on the patio and to cut the Talula’s Table wedding cake. Amanda and Jame’s friends are testament to how wonderful and caring they are as a couple. Every school and organization they were a member, groups of people came to celebrate their marriage. The outpouring of support from their friends was truly awe inspiring. The night ended with the two holding hands and dancing on stage with the band.

Congratulations Amanda and James! We had such a great night with the two of you celebrating your wedding!

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