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The One Where Jen Picks Her Favorite 2017 Wedding Portraits | 2017 Favorites | Uncorked Studios

The One Where Jen Picks Her Favorite 2017 Wedding Portraits | 2017 Favorites | Uncorked Studios

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The One Where Jen Picks Her Favorite 2017 Wedding Portraits | 2017 Favorites | Uncorked Studios

The One Where Jen Picks Her Favorite 2017 Wedding Portraits | 2017 Favorites | Uncorked Studios

Best of Wedding Portraits 2017

Jen’s Favorite 2017’s Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portraits – perhaps some of the most memorable parts of the day for a wedding photographer. These are the images we hope get printed as 40×60 canvases and hung on your wall over your fireplace..

This blog post is dedicated to the portrait session of JUST the bride and groom from the wedding day. We explored so many fun venues in 2017 and met so many new couples with such grand ideas and amazing love.

2017 gave me many reasons to grow as a photographer as well as personally. My favorite lens in 2017 was the 85mm – though a close second was the 11-24mm! It just has so much epic possibilities! We also started rocking duel Profoto B1’s at many of our weddings which creates such a dreamy atmosphere for portraits.

Rules for this blog post? The below images were taken on the wedding day during scheduled photography portrait time. It was so hard to choose just one from each wedding that I had to start with this simple rule to begin to narrow down my options!

I love scrolling through the variety of images below – the fun thing to note is because I get to photograph every wedding with my husband, his angle and vision is different than mine, so when you bring our images together they tell the most wonderful story of the wedding day!

Ashley & Enrico* – The One with the Perfect Snowy Day
Philadelphia Wedding in the Winter
*I didn’t photograph at this wedding due to a family emergency – but this is an image I am super proud of my husband for taking and we were in close contact the entire day of this wedding discussing how to best highlight the couple (her amazing fur cape!) and the snow!

Christie & Jordan – The One in Center City
Center City Philadelphia Wedding

Kristin & Richard – The One with the Mini Coopers
Valley Forge Memorial Chapel

Azamir & Mark – The One with a 90’s Flair
Race Street Pier Wedding

Melanie & Jason – The One on a Boat
Philadelphia Elite Wedding - Ben Franklin Bridge

Amanda & Jimmy – The One on Earth Day
Country Club Wedding

Kristin & Seth – The One with the Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me
Valley Forge Wedding

Poonam & Scott – The One with the Late Night Broad Street Shot
Philadelphia City Hall Wedding Photos

Melinda & Frank – The One with the Doves
Emotional groom wedding

Vanessa & Jon – The One with the Harmonious Countryside
Joseph Ambler Inn Wedding

Amanda & Joey – The One with Scooch
Trout Lake Wedding

Chrisoula & LG – The One with the Rice
Crystal Tea Room Wedding

Leigh Anne & Andrew – The One with the Hawk and an Alpaca
Curtis Center Wedding

Tess & John – The One with Timeless Elegance
The Union League Philadelphia Wedding

Heather & Robert – The One with the Perfect Feelings
Ballroom at the Ben Wedding

Clare & Thomas – The One with the Fireworks
Woodstone Country Club Wedding

Caroline & Joe – The One that Had it Right from the Beginning
The Park Savoy Estate

Christine & Edward – The One with Varnum’s Quarters
Valley Forge Park Wedding

Justin & Chris – The One with Shades of Blue
Penn Ryn Estate Wedding

Kristin & Stephen – The One with the Lace Train
Phoenixville Foundry Wedding

Brooklynne & Nicholas – The One with Summer Love
Greystone Hall Wedding

Kirbie & Frank – The One with Pink and Blue
Normandy Farm Wedding

Marissa & Brandon – The One with Wagner Winery
Seneca Lake Wine Country Wedding at Wagner Winery

Alexa & Adam – The One with All the Local Beer
The Barn on Bridge Wedding

Valerie & Joseph – The One with Batman (and his Catwoman)
New Jersey Wedding

Stacey & Phillip – The One with the 1908 Dentzel Carousel
Please Touch Museum Wedding

Jillian & Alex – The One with the Autumn Backdrop
Belle Voir Manor Wedding

Samantha & Michael – The One with the Movie Plot
Race Street Pier Wedding

Mary & Victor – The One with Makin’ a Memory
Philadelphia City Hall Wedding

Chelsea & Tyler – The One on Top of the Mountain
Blue Mountain Resort Wedding

Melanie & John –
Cescaphe Vie Wedding

Nichelle & Matthew –
Merion Tribute House Wedding

Jessica & Bryan –
Inn at Leola Village Wedding

2017 was a great year for so many beautiful people! Thanks for checking out all my Favorite 2017 Wedding Portraits We hope to see all of these rockin’ couples again in 2018 for couples, family or stylized portrait sessions! Please please please stay in touch!!!

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