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The One Where They’re Moving to Phoenixville | Phoenixville, PA

The One Where They’re Moving to Phoenixville | Phoenixville, PA

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The One Where They’re Moving to Phoenixville | Phoenixville, PA

The One Where They’re Moving to Phoenixville | Phoenixville, PA

Phoenixville Engagement Session

Diana & Joel’s Engagement Session Highlights

You know it’s a perfect match when he proposes on the first date. You know it’s even a better match when she didn’t run away after being proposed to on the first date. But I mean, who wouldn’t propose to a woman who loves Transformers and Optimus Prime as much as you do?

Diana and Joel met on Match.com and the common interests and hobbies and life goals make the two the most perfect duo. Diana loves that Joel’s sense of romance is getting her gym memberships, space heaters, Google home devices, and carbon monoxide detectors. Basically, he makes her life better in every way.

Phoenixville Engagement Session

Joel loves Diana’s sense of humor and her thirst for life.

Phoenixville Engagement Session

And though the original plan wasn’t to do their engagement session in Phoenixville – it just worked itself out that we all found ourselves wandering around the beautiful backdrops that the streets of Phoenixville has to offer. Diana and Joel were thrilled that it didn’t rain – but honestly it just feels like a natural place for them to have their engagement photos taken. They are getting married in Phoenixville and they will also be combining their homes and moving to the town as well.

Phoenixville Engagement Session

Diana’s favorite part of the engagement session was, ” Random passersby shouting their congratulations, Diana soaking up every minute of it, and Joel quietly dying inside. Also, it was amazing to hang out with the best photographers ever!”

Phoenixville Engagement Session Ivy Wall

Awwww! You’re making us blush!

Swinging on a lamppost at their engagement session

Though to be fair, we might have won them over with Travis’ amazing ability to pose as a woman when we teach our couples where to put their hands, limbs, and other body parts!

Behind the scenes with Uncorked Studios

Lookin’ good babe! (though to be fair, that’s not a real pose he’s doing…. actually I’m not sure what he is doing).

Behind the Scenes with Uncorked Studios - Client Snuggle

” Joel tricked Diana one Friday evening into thinking that one of his coworkers had tickets to Longwood Gardens that she and her husband could no longer use. Joel asked Diana if she wanted to use the free tickets, and Diana agreed. They went out to dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, and Joel was in the bathroom for a long time after dinner, to the point that Diana was worried she had finally given Joel food poisoning. Diana asked Joel if he was still ok to go to Longwood Gardens, and he assented, so they went on their merry way. Once they got to Longwood, Joel steered Diana towards the new Italian fountains and then proposed in front of some Amish folks. It was a beautiful sunset, Diana and Joel were joyous, and they even caught the fountain show later that evening. And, in case you’re curious, it turns out that Joel was in the bathroom for a long time making sure the ring was still in the ringbox and psyching himself up.”

Engagement Ring

Once they tie the knot – the thing they are looking forward the most to being able to spend every day together. I’m certain their days will be full of tacos, zombie dice, escape rooms, holding hands and hiking – maybe even all those things at the same time. These two are full of many talents and surprises.

Phoenixville Engagement Session

Diana and Joel are looking forward to hanging out with their loved ones on their wedding day. At the end of the day, their goal is to start a beautiful marriage with someone you love (Diana to Joel and Joel to Diana!).

Phoenixville Engagement

We cannot wait to see you two walk down the aisle and say ‘I-do!’ – it’s going to be a glorious day and you two are going to simply be superstars!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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