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The One with All the Local Beer | Barn on Bridge | Collegeville, PA

The One with All the Local Beer | Barn on Bridge | Collegeville, PA

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The One with All the Local Beer | Barn on Bridge | Collegeville, PA

The One with All the Local Beer | Barn on Bridge | Collegeville, PA

Alexa & adam’s Wedding Day Highlights

“HOLY SH*&T this is actually happening?!” – Every bride and groom has a moment on the wedding day when this exact thought streams through their subconscious. After seven years of being together, Alexa and Adam were so excited to marry each other in front of their friends and family (and beer) at the Barn on Bridge in Collegeville!

Alexa and Adam both love the autumn crispness in the air (they met right around Halloween in 2009 – so their wedding date was a bit reminiscent of their first meeting at Syracuse University) so they felt a fall wedding at the Barn on Bridge would fit perfectly into their wedding planning. They chose to incorporate their love of the season with their love of craft beer (they even did their engagement photos at Victory Brewing!) with their love for family and friends.

“You can tell a great deal about a person from the company they keep!”  My mother used to tell me this all the time and in Alexa’s case this statement never spoke more true.  As Alexa got ready (big thank you to Face the Occasion and family friend Diane Beck), her bridesmaids told stories about how they met and knew Alexa.  From these stories we learned very quickly Alexa is loved by all who she meets.  Her friends recounted stories of when Alexa helped them through hard times, and when Alexa made them smile in the face resounding odds.  Each of Alexa’s friends were amazing in their own right however, they did not hesitate to share their love for the Alexa.  If you can tell a lot from one’s friends, we learned Alexa has a huge heart, cares and sacrifices for everyone, has an incredible sense of humor, loves beer, and loves Adam.

As Alexa was getting ready with her girls, Adam was just a floor away hanging out with his guys.  Adams’ getting ready experience was filled with laughter, good cheer, and getting a little help from his friends.  In particular Adam has a friend who was his “bow tie specialist” who was called in specifically to tie Adam’s Tie Bar bow tie. After putting on his Jos. A. Bank suit and Bulova watch, Adam and his friends toasted to Adam’s wedding.

After another drink and more nice words, Adam sat down to read the letter written by his “wife to be” and open a very special gift.  Adam is a huge football fan.  More particularly, and perhaps more importantly, Adam is a huge Eagles fan.   With the soft rip of an envelope and quick movement of fingers, Adam retrieved to tickets from an envelope.  Adam’s eyes slowly got larger as he realized the tickets were to a very important home Eagles football game.  His friends looked upon him with both amazement and jealously.  After a few high fives, and maybe one more drink, everyone boarded the bus to head to the Barn at Bridge.

Alexa’s morning was calm and collected and with the help of her mother and future mother-in-law she put on her Pronovnas gown from Van Cleve Bridal. Once in her dress she defended the stairway in the bridal suite to cheers and tears from her bridesmaids (who, by the way, looked smashing in their Wtoo gowns by Watters). After a heart felt “good luck” Alexa was ready to see her fiancé.

I feel the need to add this photo to their wedding blog – it was just simply one of my favorite photos from their wedding day because of how simplistic and meaningful this moment was to the bride and groom.

The best part of the wedding day for us is when the bride and groom realize that they have a partner in crime for life – it is seriously the best emotion that one can experience and as a third party, watching two people fall in love all over again on their wedding day is simply pure magic. And though as the thought of “HOLY SH*&T” was racing through their minds just prior to the first look, the almost-weds embraced as soon as they saw each other and a noticeable calm came over the two of them. It was such a memorable and special moment on the wedding day.

We did some photographs of the almost-weds across the road in some local green space. It was next to impossible to get them to stop smiling at each other. Which, I suppose is a great problem to have when you’re getting married in less than an hour.

Their friends and family were so supportive and so wonderful to have in their bridal party. They were literally ready to take any photos we asked them to take (including stepping over a rather large… bush…. weed… nature twig). Their reactions were priceless and their love and support for the bride and groom was so genuine.

And since I put the photo in the blog of Alexa walking solo to the first look, I absolutely adore the bookend photo from this section of the day.

From meeting in college, to getting engaged in their kitchen while cooking dinner, these two have an amazing journey ahead of them with a lifetime full of memories and laughs. Both are easy-going individuals who genuinely have a love for animals, friends, and family. Their family surprised the bride and groom with a beautiful flower arch for the two to be married under. And though the weather lacked a bit of crispness in the air (perhaps more of a bead of sweat on the brow), guests gathered in the semi-circle chair arrangement on the lawn at the Barn on Bridge to watch Alexa and Adam promise their lives to each other.

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding day was the feeling of being surrounded by everyone who has supported their relationship from the beginning, all in one place together. You know you are surrounded by love when you can really let your true personality shine through during the ceremony. Officiant John Pauley brought together the words and the emotions for the ceremony.

They sealed their vows with a kiss, an exchange of their Steven Singer Jeweler rings and a cheers of their beer glasses (I believe they were “cheersing” with a selection from their keg from Conshohoken Brewing Company) at the end of the aisle. Now on to the part of the night where they were the most excited (well, besides obviously marrying each other) – they wanted to have a wildly memorable time by drinking, relaxing, and having fun with their 150 guests in the intimate setting of the ballroom at the Barn on Bridge by Robert Ryan Catering!

The newlyweds entered the romantically uplit reception space at the Barn on Bridge to cheers from their guests. They shared their first dance under the string lights in the tallest part of the old historic building. They listened to toasts – including one of the most memorable toasts the newlyweds never expected – disclosed to us as a 17 minute funny moment from one of Alexa’s childhood friends – complete with props and all. Dinner was served under the glow of the barn lights and guests filled the air with chatter and laughs. Alexa and Adam could not stop smiling.

Each table in the reception area was set with a unique growler from local Pennsylvania breweries. Krempt Florist added in a soft touch of flowers to each of the center pieces. The Master’s Baker provided a rustic cake which the newlyweds sweetly cut before dancing kicked off from Sound Sensation DJs. Guests signed the Words by Ali J “guest book”. The lighting, provided by Silver Sound Entertainment, changed from a warm romantic yellow to a party blue! It was time to dance!

And as everyone danced and celebrated without a care in the world, the newlyweds snuck out to the back of the Barn on Bridge property where there is an old fashioned porch swing. They sat together for a few moments in the quiet of the night as the party went on upstairs. They took the chance to look at their venue and decorations and they talked about how they appreciate it all because together they worked so hard to make this their perfect wedding day. A piece of advice from the bride and groom, “THANK YOUR PARENTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. They will always be your constant foundation throughout your marriage and your big day would most likely not be possible without their help and support.”

Thank You times a million for the #McMarried crowd at the Barn on Bridge. We’re glad you made the decision to go with Uncorked Studios for your wedding because we had such a great adventure with the two of you and we look forward to seeing you two in the near future!

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