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The One With Pink and Blue | Normandy Farms | Blue Bell, PA

The One With Pink and Blue | Normandy Farms | Blue Bell, PA

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The One With Pink and Blue | Normandy Farms | Blue Bell, PA

The One With Pink and Blue | Normandy Farms | Blue Bell, PA

Kirbie & Frank’s Wedding Day Highlights

August certainly knows how to live up to be the “hottest month of the year” – but Spring 2018 was much too long for Kirbie to wait to marry her Frank at Normandy Farm.

Their amazing day started in the bridal suite at Normandy Farm Hotel with Kirbie and her bridesmaids. Beauty Inside You Makeup Design took the reins on getting makeup done while Daniele Turner did the ladies hair. The couple wanted their wedding to feel bright and vibrant and it was awesome to see the color palette come together with the choices of pinks and blues. The bridesmaids wore matching ornate pink robes from DivineBridalShop on Etsy, shared champagne, and laughed their way through the morning during getting ready.

Kirbie was excited to see her fiancé for their first look. She quickly dressed in her Allure gown from Brides & Grooms and had her bridesmaids help her get dressed with the rest of her details. Originally her favorite detail on her wedding day was her Luxeer hot pink shoes, but her mind may have changed when she opened her gift from her husband-to-be – an amazing necklace with a thoughtful three-page note took her breath away when she opened it the morning of her wedding. A perfect charm to treasure forever (along with her thoughtful husband)! She gave herself a spritz of her Romance by Ralph Lauren perfume and was off to see her husband-to-be for their first look.

As Kirbie was getting ready upstairs, Frank was just down the surrounded by his friends and family.  Here are the things you need you need to know about Frank:

  1. Frank loves Kirbie more than anything and it is seen in all his actions
  2. Frank is incredibly hard working and focused
  3. He is the nicest guy you have ever met and would give the shirt of his back

If you talked to anyone on his wedding day you would here these facts echoed with great resound.  As Frank, put on his tuxedo, the suite rang with laughter and cheer as his friends told stories and recounted tales from the past.  With a smile on his face, which could not be removed, it was clear Frank was the happiest man in the world that day.  Once Frank was dressed he joined his friends in the adjoining room for a toast.  It was clear through the toasts his friends loved Frank and the history between them all was deep and binding.  Once the drinks were poured, and the glasses raised, it was time for Frank to see his “bride to be.”

You know you have a great group of guys when the groomsmens made sure they 120% kept Frank’s secret during the wedding day that his new Tag Heuer watch from Littman Jewelers(a gift from his bride) didn’t fit right out of the box. You know a couple is family oriented when family (or family-like friends) will go to the moon and back to make anything happen on the wedding day. (here is the big shout-out to Warren for making magic and keeping the wedding-day-jitters to a minimum for the newlyweds by getting Frank’s watch resized so he could wear it on the wedding day… all while keeping it a secret from the bride)..

Not gonna lie – I absolutely adore it when men wear pink and I stand behind the following phrase 100%: “Real men wear pink.” I know Kirbie agrees with me – because when she saw Frank dressed to the nines in his Men’s Wearhouse tux and pink tie, all she could think about was how sexy he looked! The wind gently blew a warm summer breeze over the two of them and it romantically played with Kirbie’s BlueSkyHorizons veil while they enjoyed their first look under the shade of a large tree on the property for Normandy Farm.  I always wonder if they knew at that moment when they met at the University of the Sciences that they would end up married. After knowing each other for 8 plus years at least marriage came with a title upgrade… “roommate’s science  partner” -> boyfriend -> fiancé -> spouse.

The grounds at Normandy Farm created a picturesque landscape for the portrait time during the day (it captured characteristic of Longwood Gardens – the place they got engaged in 2015!). Large stone faced rustic buildings and large trees created pockets of shade for the newlyweds. Though, my favorite pictures may be the pictures we took in front of the bronze horses at the entrance to the property. Whyyyyy? Because Kirbie is the biggest animal lover I know! I’m pretty sure if these two bronze horses needed a home – she would pack them into her car and take them! Just two months prior to their wedding, Kirbie fostered 10 stray kittens that needed constant attention, syringe feeding, and love (all while planning the wedding!). Frank lovers her most kind heart and caring nature.

Surrounded by their 160 friends and family to say ‘I do” was probably their most favorite part of the day. Though Frank had anticipated his bride would be wearing a different style dress – he thought she looked absolutely amazing – the most beautiful bride he had ever seen in her beaded and ruffled wedding dress. As Kirbie approached him, clutching her Willow & Thistle bouquet,  escorting by her father as she walked down the aisle at their outdoor ceremony at Normandy Farm. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. This was a common theme through out their wedding day and we hope it is a trait they continue throughout their marriage – it will certainly be an unforgettable memory for their wedding day.

They took turns reading excerpts from their vows – the most notable being Kirbie vowed to not bring home EVERY animal (though just a month after the wedding they have a new kitten named Leo). I’m sure there was a vow to take trips to Disney and to make each other eternal happy and to be in love forever, but I just couldn’t get over how they couldn’t stop smiling at each other. To me, that emotion is a vow enough to promise to each other in front of friends and family from near and far. 4LC Studios – we may need to see an instant replay of their vows to see if Kirbie really was allowed to adopt their newest family member – though Frank loves watching this simply amazing woman in his life spread her love to everyone in which she comes in contact.

They carried their upscale rustic theme throughout the day. Kirbie’s favorite thing about her husband is his attention to detail – but perhaps she should also look in a mirror! Every part of their reception they could customize they did! Mason jars from Lighthouse Lazer, Dog sign at the bar from SweetiePieCollection, table numbers from BogiArtPrint, and a Mickey & Minnie date sign from LyssabellesSignery. Not to mention the sweet gifts for their parents from HeirloomWeddings, the cake server from LightKnife, and the groomsmen’s can coolers from dawsandgray. Kirbie had all their decoration bases covered which added to the ambiance to make the day completely unforgettable. Their meeting location even played into their theme as well as their “love” for their pets. Their cake from Vicky Czyznikiewicz had a LOVE topper with a paw print for the ‘o’.


As Kirbie and Frank were announced into the hall, the room exploded with cheering and applause!  The energy in the room was almost palpable as the love from those in attendance spread onto the dance floor.  After a deeply personal first dance, Frank and Kirbie sat and were honored with toasts from Father of the Bride, Matron of Honor, and Best Man.   After dinner there were more formal events with Kirbie dancing with her father and Frank dancing with his mother.  As the couples danced, there was not a dry eye in the place as everyone experienced how much Kirbie and Frank’s parents loved them.  With the formalities complete, the night kicked into high gear as DJ Joe Bene let the tunes rip and invited everyone try out the photobooth.  The floor was packed with people dancing the night away.  The only time Kirbie and Frank left the floor, was when we pulled them away for a few night photos highlighting the gorgeous lights around the building on the grounds.

Thank You to this #PawfectlyPaolini newlyweds – it was an absolutely “pawfect” day and we know that you two will have the most amazing days together for the rest of your lives!

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