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The One With Summer Love | Greystone Hall | West Chester, PA

The One With Summer Love | Greystone Hall | West Chester, PA

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The One With Summer Love | Greystone Hall | West Chester, PA

The One With Summer Love | Greystone Hall | West Chester, PA

Brooklynne & Nick’s Wedding Day Highlights

Before the wedding day, Brooklynne and Nick decided that they should stop and look at each other every 30 minutes or so and to take in their surroundings via “mental photo” (what perhaps makes this more fun is they learned it from watching ‘The Office’). I love this philosophy and pact, especially on a wedding day when so many moments can get lost in the shuffle of technology, excitement, and well, a life changing day!

An August wedding was the perfect time of year for the newlyweds to plan for their wedding. After meeting 5 years prior at Saint Joseph’s University (well, actually they moved in across the street from each other and all 10 of their mutual housemates became friends (P.S. this sounds like a sitcom – can we write one?), they decided that the warm August air would work perfectly for a semi-outdoor affair at Greystone Hall..

Brooklynne and her gaggle of girlfriends patiently had their hair and makeup done by Fashion Facez. All of Brookylnne’s wedding details were out on display and matched perfectly to her Hailey Paige gown from Kleinfeld Bridal. The bridesmaid’s shimmered in their Adrianna Papell gowns from Nordstrom. Perfect for their elegant black and gold wedding theme. Champagne flowed through the glasses and the bride and her 10 maids had fun laughing and recalling memories all morning.

As time ticked away, Brooklynne quickly got dressed with the help of all 10 bridesmaids and her mother (though the adorable flower girl tried to steal the show prior to this moment – she was standing front stage practicing her dance moves for the reception!). Once dressed, Brooklynne did a first look with her Father before piling into the Sterling Limousine party bus to head off to the ceremony.

While Brooklynne was at her mother’s house surrounded by her friends and family, Nick was at the Sheraton Great Valley hanging out with his crew of guys.  Nick was fantastic to photograph!  In fact, I would have to say he was looking forward to having his picture taken.  Posing for the camera and striking his best “GQ” poses, Nick put on his tuxedo from Sagets Formalwear.  While we were down the hall of his awesome suite taking pictures, you could hear the laughter and joy of his friends and family echoed from the living room.

Once dressed, Nick, sat on the corner of the bed opened the letter from his bride to be. With misty eyes, he opened his gift, which was an amazing Citizen watch.  It is not uncommon for watches to not fit 100% on the wedding day.  It is hard to size a watch when the actual wearer of the watch can’t be present to test the size.  So it was not to my surprised when Nick’s brand new watch was a little large.  Nick however, found this unacceptable and marched from the bedroom into the living room to scour for tools and the necessary prices to remove the link from his watch.  In full “McGuyver” mode, Nick fashioned the tools he needed out paper clips, and toiletries to make the tool he needed to
remove the link and perfectly size the watch.  It was truly impressive!  With a watch that fit, and a band of gleeful guys, everyone boarded the bus to get Nick married.

The adjectives selected by the newlyweds that were used to describe the walk down the aisle include “speechless” “breathtaking” and “genuine happiness.” What perfect words for such an emotional moment at Saint Teresa of Calcutta. My camera’s focus was solely on the newlyweds and their first look of each other, but I’m sure there was not a dry eye in the church. It was the best part of the day for the newlyweds (though maybe tied with the epic reception).

There ceremony was truly classic. It felt great to be inside out of the hot summer air. They two exchanged vows and promised their lives to each other before God before they were pronounced man and wife. Chester Springs Video did a great job capturing all angles of the ceremony and it is going to be a great keepsake to rewatch year after year!

But perhaps our most favorite moment is this one — such a great photo because only Travis and the newlyweds got to witness this pure joy! Such a  perfect candid moment to be able to capture post ceremony!

We had walked Greystone Hall property prior to the wedding day and selected the South Lawn fifty-six column pergola as Brookylnne  and Nick’s number one photo location. The time of day and the haze of the summer air created such a romantic atmosphere for their photo session. I think we absolutely nailed their entire bridal party photo with this vogue-inspired photo – what do you think?

After the bridal party exited to cocktail hour, the newlyweds strolled through the columns for some classic portraits. After being together for five years, the newlyweds love how patient and understanding they are with each other (great qualities to bring into your marriage!). They have an amazing love for one another and it really displays perfectly in images. Brookylnne has the most radiant smile when she is with Nick and it is so romantic how he can’t help but keep his eyes on her!

The weather and lighting was absolutely dreamlike, but one of my most favorite images was taken just moments prior to the newlyweds getting announced into their reception. Did you know these two got some crazy awesome dance moves?! We caught them practicing their dip just moments before they debuted to their crowds as the new Mr and Mrs! I seriously need to take lessons where you two learned to dance! You got the moves!

The attention to detail and guest entertainment was perfectly executed at their Greystone Hall reception. The iLove Team provided a fun Photo Booth for guests to take a shot in for a souvenir. The Master’s Baker created an impressive 5 layer cake topped with a family heirloom cake topper. Due to the heat, this treasure was stored inside, but it created for a great intimate atmosphere for cake cutting later in the evening. Sage Catering delivered some absolutely delicious food for their guests during cocktail hour and dinner.

The Saint Joseph’s University famous mascot, the Hawk, officially kicked off dancing with the tradition of constantly staying in motion by flapping its wings. Guests piled to the dance floor for a photo op with the bride and groom and their guest of honor – I wonder if the Hawk did figure eights on the dance floor while guests rocked out to music from Scott Entertainment.

Dancing here. Dancing there. Dancing dancing everywhere! The dance floor was p-a-c-k-e-d all night long. Besides the first look, this was the most amazing moment of the day for the newlyweds. They love spending time with friends, family, and each other and the music certainly kept the crowd dancing, drinking, and laughing for many hours. (I’m pretty sure they could have kept going for another 2 or 3 hours on the dance floor).

Not gonna lie – I really wanted to title this blog post as “The One with Philly Fry” – because, well… I’m obsessed and now all the newlywed’s 180 guests are obsessed you should also be obsessed.. Seriously these are the best fries out there and the newlyweds agree that it was worth EVERY penny (because seriously, what is better than dancing, drinking, then filling up on french fries?). I also love how the Philly Fry allows the bride and groom into the truck for a photo opp!

Thank you thank you thank you to the #CallHerLawler team. Your family and friends welcomed us with open arms and we felt pure joy being part of your wedding day! We wish you a lifetime full of exotic trips to Europe and copious amounts of gelato to be shared with one spoon together for your lifetime. Cheers!

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