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The One with the Adorable Flower Girl | Merion Tribute House | Merion Station, PA

The One with the Adorable Flower Girl | Merion Tribute House | Merion Station, PA

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The One with the Adorable Flower Girl | Merion Tribute House | Merion Station, PA

The One with the Adorable Flower Girl | Merion Tribute House | Merion Station, PA

Nichelle & Matt’s Wedding Day Highlights

Four-year-old Addison may or may not have been the most absolute perfect flower girl anyone could have had for their wedding – in our case ANYONE happened to be Nichelle and Matt at their December wedding at the Merion Tribute House.

I adore that Addison is Nichelle’s self-proclaimed “mini-me.” She’s silly, and cuddly,  and sassy, and adorable, and she can’t help but bring a smile to your face – and I’m 100% certain that those are all the reasons that Nichelle loves Addison and that Matt loves Nichelle.

Our day begin at the Philadelphia Marriott West with Nichelle and her side of the bridal party. Russell Borns, with 1MakeupMan, and Christi brought Nichelle’s bridal party visions to life. It is so much fun to arrive early on the wedding day and observe everyone relaxing and having a great time. Seeds of Celebration Creative Event Planning was on hand early to make sure all the details and events would fall like dominos for the wedding day.

And you can’t help but love her details. Perfect pairings for a December wedding.

As the ladies of the bridal party finished their preparations at the hotel, Matt grabbed his Indochino suit and headed off to the Merion Tribute House in their King Limo to getting ready for the wedding day.

The one thing I remember the most about Matt from the engagement session is he quite stoic, but if you can get him to smile, oh, what fun, he has such a wicked awesome smile!

The Merion Tribute House is a gorgeous location with a classic living room and claw-bottomed furniture.  The absolute perfect place to photograph Matt getting ready.  As he put on his tie, he looked out the windows over the lawn.  We didn’t speak much as he got ready, but you could tell from the look in his eye, he was excited to get married.  With laugh from the room below, a slight smirk would come across his face as he commented on his hysterical groomsmen.

After finishing putting on his tie, we headed out amongst the ground to grab a few shots of Matt.  Matt looked completely comfortable, almost like he owned the place.  With a perfectly tailored suite, Matt was the definition of suave as he effortlessly posed creating some incredible portraits.

Nichelle and the bridesmaids got into their wedding attire at the Merion House just before heading to the first look. Nichelle’s Morilee gown from the Bridal Garden checked so many boxes for being the perfect gown for her, but checked the final box when she showed us the custom heart she had added into the gown as a tribute to her Dad – so sentimental because it was her something blue and taken from one of his shirts from when he served in the Navy.

Her favorite feature was her sparkly belt and the buttons along the back. The lace was along the entire dress was the perfect highlight to her wedding dress.

With the final touches in place, Nichelle was ready to see her groom.

The English country manor style of the Merion Tribute House lended itself perfectly to the first look for Nichelle and Matt.

Since it was the December time of year, the building was adorned with some holiday decorations to capture the festivities of the season. I love the little bits of holiday decor that appear in their images through out the wedding day.

Hey guys, how did your first look go?

These two have the most fun together. they have so much fun and idiosyncrasies together that taking their photos together was a breeze. When the bride and groom have amazing personalities, they also attract like-minded crazy awesome people! Like these girls….

And these guys,,,,

Wait for it… adorable flower girl moment.

The cool crisp air felt more like an autumn day than a day in the winter, so we spent the majority of our photo time with the couple outside exploring the grounds of the Merion Tribute House. The original owners of the property were exceptional gardeners, and the current maintainers of the grounds captured some of the charm of the 1920’s with their landscaping and view from the wrap around terrace, I particularly fell in love with the magnificent red (from the outside) doors.

I adore the door, what can I say?

The castle-like charm of the exterior made way for guests as the giant oak doors opened and guests made their way into the historic ballroom. 116 people gathered in the ballroom at the Merion Tribute House at 4:00 sharp to watch these two say their vows. It was such a sweet moment to watch Nichelle’s Aunt perform the ceremony.

The stylings of Fresh Designs Florist adorned the ballroom and assisted with the fairy tale magic of a December wedding day. As the sun set, the windows in the ballroom glowed and the two sealed their marriage promises with a kiss.

As the guests enjoyed the 90 minute cocktail hour, the ballroom was transformed into a beautiful timeless reception atmosphere.

Could this cake by SophistiCakes be presented any more perfectly? I love how it captures the warm glow of the December reception with a tiny bit of holiday flair!

Time. To. Party.

The dance floor was awesome! Though there were only 116 people at the wedding, the dance floor felt packed the entire night – their guests certainly know how to put on their party pants! Special thanks to Dan, from Silver Sound Entertainment, for spinning some crazy awesome tunes to which these guys to bust a move!

And helllooooooo. Nana is amazing! Certainly a wild one. Here’s one of my favorite images Travis snagged from the reception dancing! You couldn’t keep this woman off the dance floor!

Just one more photo to tie the night together.

Guysssssss. Your passion for life and family and everything fun makes us so much more thankful that we were included in your wedding celebrations. We hope life keeps you two busy and full of adventures! #SuddenlySmith & #YouPieceOfSmith

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