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The One with the Doves | Indian Valley Country Club | Telford, PA

The One with the Doves | Indian Valley Country Club | Telford, PA

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The One with the Doves | Indian Valley Country Club | Telford, PA

The One with the Doves | Indian Valley Country Club | Telford, PA

Melinda & Frank’s Wedding Day Highlights

A dove release at a wedding is such a beautiful expression of love for the newlyweds! It can symbolize letting go of the past and having a fresh start take flight together!

Melinda and Frank hate being apart from each other, so it was only fit their day started with Melinda and Frank getting ready at separate hotels right across the street from one another – Frank at Holiday Inn Lansdale and Melinda at Marriott Courtyard Lansdale. Each had present their attendants and spent their separate mornings laughing and anticipating the excitement of the wedding day. As much as these two shine in their own element, they really are a force when brought together.

Once the newlyweds took each others hands on their wedding day at Indian Valley Country Club, I don’t think they would ever let go! Literally they sent their guests into a whirlwind of laughter during the reception when they entered, hugged, then got stuck together in the center of the dance floor (his tuxedo from Harleysville Bridal & Tuxedo  and her Casablanca dress from All Things Bridal snagged at the waists). These two just bring so much happiness into the room when they are together. DJ Khoa from Eclipse Entertainers worked the room while the couple got their wardrobe mishap straightened away so they could complete their first dance as a married couple.

Melinda was not only excited for the events of the wedding day, she was excited to become Frank’s wife. As she sat in the chair at the hotel getting her hair and make-up done by Daneene Jensen & Associates, the bride-to-be dished about her favorite moments from their engagement session and the excitement of starting their life together. She was also pretty pumped up about the post-ceremony dove release from Visions of White Dove Release! As she climbed into the Best of Times Limousines car, she didn’t even mind the unseasonably warm weather as she was off to see Frank and her guests.

Grasping her Enchanted Florist at Skippack VIllage bridal bouquet her face lit up when she saw Frank for the first time on the wedding day. He smiled and shed a few tears – you know he’s in love when he can shed a few tears in front of a crowd of people! Their ceremony for their 85 guests was short and sweet and performed/officiate by a close metal friend. Once the ceremony was complete it was time for the dove release!  Such a sweet moment and really fun to photograph!

It’s magical to watch a couple on their wedding day have their portraits taken. Sometimes they just completely forget there is a world around them because they are so focused on each other! The moment when Frank saw Melinda during their photo session was one of these completely magical moments. I swear it’s the veil that gets the guy every time. Veil = wife = wow!

Favorite moment from their wedding day? Well, it had to be at the reception when the newlyweds both put on custom aprons for the cake cutting. You knew that a cake smash was imminent! Fortunately Bredenbeck’s cake tastes good no matter how you eat it! We’re not 100% who smashed first, but I think Melinda took swing first (and from the photos looks like she got Frank the best!)

Thank You to #YouHadMeAtStinson – we had so much fun at your wedding and we wish you two a lifetime of happiness!

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