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The One with the Spring Swing | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One with the Spring Swing | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

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The One with the Spring Swing | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One with the Spring Swing | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One with the Spring Swing

Alivia & Mike’s Engagement Session Highlights

In preparation for their engagement session Alivia and Mike didn’t think too much of where, when, or why – they just decided that it was best to just be themselves and do their engagement session a few weeks before their May wedding. Well, they may have traded their sweatpants for clothes that were a tad bit more… photo ready.

Haha, but in all seriousness, Alivia and Mike are a duo that met in college through mutual friends and bring happiness, love, and quirky humor wherever they go. They are both such sweet individuals AND to top it off, Alivia grew up LITERALLY across the street from Travis, so I’m certain her family has the most amazing blackmail stories to tell about one half of the Uncorked Team.

We landed ourselves in Phoenixville for their engagement session – these two love to be active (they like to long distance run together) and take walks together (with the dogs!) so we thought that small town Phoenixville would be a suitable backdrop for the images – plus it would look totally different from their wedding photos at Bear Creek Mountain Resort!

Alivia loves that Mike has such a positive outlook on life and how he is so very willing to help others. Mike loves that Alivia has a passion for family – which is great because their wedding was RIGHT around the corner from the engagement session and guys, you’re about to become each other’s chosen family! Alivia knew he was the one because he always makes her feel so very loved and she can 110% be herself around him.

Their proposal happened in Pittsburgh. Mike took them to the restaurant in which they had their first date before heading over to ride the Duquesne Incline. After riding 794 feet to the top, Mike proposed. He had prayed about their relationship and felt that God had great plans for the two of them. Alivia said ‘YES’ (of course) as they took in the spectacular panoramic views of Pittsburgh! (Fun Fact – the Duquesne Incline makes an appearance in Flashdance – one of Travis’ favorite movies)

One of the best parts of being engaged is the excitement created by sharing your engagement with the world. For Alivia and Mike, every time they told someone they were engaged, they just got even more excited for the wedding day! They were so excited to legally be bound together in marriage so they could portray how connected they feel together as a couple.

My favorite part of their engagement session was watching the two of them become more and more confident as the session happened. They have such a beautiful relationship together – it was such a treat to help them learn how to showcase how it looks best on camera… which really wasn’t too hard for the two of them, they were super comfortable in front of the camera! I seriously adore how these two only have eyes for each other and constantly had the ability to forget the world around them – even in the hustle and bustle of downtown Phoenixville.

I always love to learn which photo is the couple’s favorite after their engagement session. It helps me get to know their personalities the best and showcase their relationship in preparation for the wedding day. I’m so glad this was one of their favorites – because it was one of mine too!

During the engagement session, we were just a few weeks away from their big day, but Alivia gave us some great advice to share. “Try to get as much done as you can before the last week or two before the wedding. Don’t get too caught up in the small details because when the big day comes they won’t matter.”

Perhaps the happiest moment from their engagement session was when Alivia and Mike shared with us the secret that they were doing a choreographed first dance at their wedding. They were taking dance lessons! AH! We normally ask our clients to do this super fun cheesy pose where the guy gives his gal a little spin and we usually photograph the two of them cracking up because no one is ever a dance pro… Alivia and Mike on the other hand are absolute pros SO MUCH SO that they EVEN got their arms AND hands posed Dancing-with-the-Stars-perfectection!!!!!

You two are SO WONDERFUL! We cannot wait to share the blog from your wedding too! Your Phoenixville engagement session was such a delight and it was so wonderful to watch the two of you showcase your relationship and share with us the excitement for your big day!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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