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The One with the Tracks | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania | Strasburg, PA

The One with the Tracks | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania | Strasburg, PA

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The One with the Tracks | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania | Strasburg, PA

The One with the Tracks | Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania | Strasburg, PA

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Erica & Christopher’s Engagement Session Highlights

So meet our Iceland couple. Erica and Christopher have seemingly visited so many corners of this world, but that’s okay, they both have an adventurers spirit and are ready to tackle many many many more voyages together during their married years.

DISCLAIMER: Photographing on railroad tracks is extremely dangerous and illegal! Railroad tracks are private property and not all trains give warning before they pass through an area! We had verbal and written permission to photograph on/around/near the tracks located on museum grounds (there were tracks we were NOT allowed on, though the angle of the camera may appear that way) and had knowledge of what was safe prior to our photography session. Please do not put your photographer or clients or train staff in danger by photographing on active or inactive train tracks.

Pennsylvania Railroad Engagement

It was important to capture their flair for travel in their engagement session images. When these two started dating they spent many many hours on trains traveling back and forth to see each other. I love a romantic story!

Pennsylvania Train Museum engagement

Oh, and when they traveled back and forth, they specifically took an Amtrak train – so of course we had to snap one in front of this piece of history.

Vintage Amtrak Car

We started in the railroad train yard in the back of the building. We fortunately had another absolutely spectacular day for autumn weather – so we took major advantage of the quietness of the weekday afternoon and the warm sunshine.

Pennsylvania Railroad Engagement

I wonder if there are any trains in Iceland we can ride? I mean, it was so much fun just looking at the trains in the train yard at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania I couldn’t even imagine how much fun we could have riding one!

Railroad Engagement

Our next stop was inside the museum for a few more portraits. There is a lot of history stored inside this building and Erica and Christopher told us they were so excited to learn the history of Iceland that they were going to visit over the holidays to help prepare for their August wedding!

Railroad Engagement

We are super excited to be brought onboard for your August wedding in Iceland! We have soooo many ideas for soooo many photos and we are excited to travel and have an adventure with the two of you!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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