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Thirsty Thursday: Bringing in the New Year!

Thirsty Thursday: Bringing in the New Year!

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Thirsty Thursday: Bringing in the New Year!

Thirsty Thursday: Bringing in the New Year!

Wine:  Razz Bear Ease
Food:  Pretzel M&M’s
Occasion: Happy New Year!

Why do we drink wine? Well, I drink wine because I enjoy the flavor. I enjoy how it has the ability to change the flavor depending on what is it consumed with. I love that it helps me relax. It is great that you can get wine for $2 a bottle all the way up to thousands of dollars for a bottle. It allows for such a range of people to try and experiment with what they like.

That being said, my favorite wine of 2011 was the Razz Bear Ease Wine made by Manatawny Creek Winery. You may remember this wine from my Pre-Thanksgiving Feast entry back in November. I loved it so much that we visited the winery in Douglassville, Pennsylvania to do a tasting of some of their other wines. Gosh, everything we tasted was delicious and we purchased 3 bottles (one being the Razz Bear Ease!). I’m positive the other bottles we purchased will make an appearance in the blog sometime soon.

How did I celebrate the New Year? My husband and I order a pizza and split the whole thing (calories don’t count on holidays, don’t cha know?). I then cracked open my bottle of Razz Bear Ease while my husband enjoyed a nice cold beer. I munched on Pretzel M&M’s and paired it with my wine. I love the taste of raspberries and chocolate.

If you don’t remember my review from before, Razz Bear Ease is 20% raspberries and 80% grapes. Ringing in at 12% alcohol, I consumed half the bottle myself and thoroughly enjoyed it! It is very sweet and very berry, so if you don’t care for either (like my husband), you probably won’t care for this fruity wine. The color is also so beautiful I want to paint a room the color of this wine!

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My holiday smorgushboard!

If you’ve never tried Pretzel M&M’s, let me forewarn you, they are extremely addicting. I was eating them by the fistful. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered pretzels? The pairing of these together made the wine taste less raspberryish and more winey.

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Larger than life pretzel M&Ms

So we toasted our glasses at midnight and welcomed 2012 into our lives. I hope 2012 brings many new and positive challenges into my life, as well as yours!

Cheers! Jen

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