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Thirsty Thursday: It’s the little things

Thirsty Thursday: It’s the little things

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Thirsty Thursday: It’s the little things

Thirsty Thursday: It’s the little things

Food: n/a just for sipping!
Occasion: A little R&R

This week I find myself in Vero Beach, Florida… cat sitting. Having the job I have (some weeks more than others) allows me to work remotely from different locations. I could easily work from Starbucks 10 minutes from my home as I can from the house I’m staying here in Vero Beach.

Unfortunately I am here by myself, mostly doing photo editing work and website maintenance, but the evenings I’ve found myself sitting out on the lanai (aka what the north refers to as a “Florida” room) enjoying the warm Florida weather. The weather this week reminds me of summer at home in Pennsylvania. That being said, I found myself perusing the wine aisle at the grocery store (yep, no state stores needed here!) in search of the perfect evening glass of wine.

My neighbor in Pennsylvania introduced me to this fun wine. She only drinks it in the summer months, so the warmer weather was my inspiration to purchase it and blog about it. Introducing, (for the first time on this blog) Sutter Home’s White Merlot AND mini bottles!

Uncorked Studios, LLC

I purchased it in the fun, four-pack mini size for a couple reasons.

  1. I really wanted this wine and I was unsure if I had a cork screw (the mini bottles are screw top)
  2. I’m drinking alone, so I didn’t want to open a big bottle because I have no easy way to reseal it. (I like to think I have a “sensitive” pallet and can taste wine that’s been opened and poorly re-corked… though it’s probably just in my head)
  3. There was a possibility of enjoying this wine with my toes in the sand, and I didn’t want to take a glass bottle to the beach! The Sutter Home mini bottles are all plastic.
  4. There was a possibility of sunbathing near the pool, and glass near the pool is a strict no-no.
  5. The mini size really encourages you to only enjoy one glass of wine during the week nights. Big bottles usually encourage two or three glasses.

Uncorked Studios, LLC

The mini bottles come in packs of four bottles are approximately 6 ounces of wine each (actually they are exactly 187 mls, but who’s counting?). The mini-bottles are plastic which is great if you want to enjoy a “glass” of wine in a location where a glass bottle is a bad idea.

TIP: these mini bottles make great favors at weddings. You can always personally create a label to go over the bottles or find other websites to help you out with that, like this one.

One minor setback, the mini bottles are more expensive that just buying a normal sized bottle (it was $5.99 for the pack), but you know what? I’m okay with paying a little extra for the convince of the mini-bottles. Now onto flavor.

Think berries when you drink this wine. Sweet cherries and raspberries are the aromas and flavors that best describes this wine. I’d also say that is where the color comes from as well! Besides it being a darker blush wine, it has a full texture without being too sweet or too tanniny. You CAN pair it with many things, the most popular I’ve heard of is a barbecue, but I really just enjoy sipping this wine before or after dinner.

I’ve done a little googling around and it really seems that people either love or hate this wine, probably another great reason to start with the mini-bottles. If you don’t like it, you aren’t throwing away a full bottle of wine, you can gift away the other three mini-bottles! Too bad it’s after Christmas, I’m sure they’d make adorable stocking stuffers. This wine is one of the ones at the top of my drinking list, but it’s unfortunate to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on a wine menu at any restaurant. It’s a shame that it isn’t more places! If you like White Zinfandel, I guarantee that you’ll love this. If you won’t take my advise, maybe you’ll take advise from the cat?

Uncorked Studios, LLC

White Merlot sure got the cat's vote!

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