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What Does Jen Do? Spring 2016

What Does Jen Do? Spring 2016

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What Does Jen Do? Spring 2016

What Does Jen Do? Spring 2016


What Does Jen Do: Spring 2016

I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback for the posts I’ve done on my personal Facebook page in regards to “What Does Jen Do” – it’s a little peek inside the Photoshop and Lightroom magic that I create on a daily basis.

Here are all the images I shared this spring on my Facebook page with their description of what I did and why I did it. Just a little note – we do try to shoot so everything is 100% IN CAMERA, but sometimes certain situations don’t allow us to create perfect photos perfectly at our perfect locations. Check out this post about our editing process.

Let’s start with the first one I put together!

“Do you guys ever wonder about what kind of stuff keeps me up at night? Probably you more wonder about what on earth I am doing to your photos behind the scenes…

Here’s a quick edit I was working on tonight. Our number 1 rule of Photoshop is it should be SUBTLE and enhance the beauty of the original image, not completely alter it. Check it out!”


Next we venture to the streets of Manayunk.

“Another Behind the Edit – we took the original capture with the knowledge we’d be digitally removing the verizon sign in post production! I love the final edit of this image of Gina Maria and Mike!”


And onto something a bit different with the SteelStacks.

“Another shot at “What Does Jen Do?”

Why do photographers love dilapidated backgrounds? Well, I love them because I can usually make them look really really cool in post (I simply adore rust or metal objects). The grungier the better!

Here’s a fun edit from the SteelStacks! Kaitlin and Matt needed no touch-up in this edit (thank you to our awesome adorable clients!), but Travis’ arm was in the original photograph holding the flash and the metal background was too great to not add a little pop in photoshop. Check it out!”


Back inside a private home for the first wedding of 2016.

“The amazing detail in this dress was too great to leave “as-is” in the original untouched photo. Our fancy cameras give us many possibilities to recover data that isn’t seen in the original capture (this isn’t *always* the case, but when it is, we can make magic!). I also wanted to straighten some framing in the final image – for some reason we couldn’t take this image straight on at Lindsay’s house (but I knew I could fix it in post!).

Isn’t she stunning?! And that DRESS!”


Time for some epic romance!

“This was a fun edit! All the romance of being on top of the world (complete with perfect posing!). Yes, it was windy, but sometimes it helps to aid the veil in the perfect position. Shooting with a wide lens (this is 24mm) allows us to showcase the epicness of the scenery, but it makes it hard for us to get enough light on Nicole and Bruce without a staff member being IN the original capture. If you’ve been photographed by us, I’m sure you’ve heard me shout “OUT” from behind the camera lens – that’s Uncorked staff members cue to MOVE IT (and fast)!”


A little throwback to the chilly months with Liz and Chris at Celebrations.

“Did you know different lights put off different color temperatures? The color coming from the chandelier at Celebrations Venue is a different color than the lighting that they have in the entryway downstairs (see where I made the note about the green?). I also wanted to bring out the amazing detail in the chandelier (seriously Travis, lets hang this in our dinning room). Liz and Chris looked pretty awesome as is, so no photoshop work besides a bit of enhancing the shadows around them.

P.S. This time it’s MY arm in the photo holding the light. I’m pretty sure Liz and Chris like the photo better sans Jen!”


Another edit from last spring (I think I’m missing #internalexis – hope you’re doing well girl!!!)

“I know you guys like it when I make people disappear from photos – so here’s another! Goals were simple for this edit – remove #internalexis, make the color pop, and enhance the detail like crazy! “


So you guys really really like it when I make people disappear from images. lol

“Here’s a little bit of a throw back image from Kelly and Tom’s Hawaii Wedding trip.

It would have been a better original capture if I waited for the kid in the background to move out of my frame – the problem was we were at the North Shore in Oahu and we were losing light FAST! (I think we photographed this whole mini engagement session in about 10 minutes due to the rapidly setting sun!). When there is absolutely no options for a re-shoot, you work with the obstacles at hand and figure out what to do with them in post.”


I was in love with this image even before I did any edits to it.

“I love this recent capture of Misty making her way up the stairs to her ceremony – as this was a “spur of moment” kind of capture, we didn’t have the time to add an external light source and control the color temperature.

This is lit by the window light in the lobby and other artificial lighting in the lobby. When you have multiple light sources, it creates “a mixed lighting temperature.” In this case, easily fixable in post productions. Also cropped to draw your eye to the stairway instead of the wall, and the perspective was corrected in post (because we couldn’t hoover over the stairway to get it perfectly level). A bit of dodging and burning brings out the texture in her gown. I’m very happy with the final of this image!”


There is a rumor we may be shooting at Eastern State again in the near future.

“Another fan favorite – Amber and Will’s engagement session at Eastern State Penitentiary from last summer.

Historic charm versus modern day amenities. I’m certain the prisoners didn’t have benches in the middle of walkways – so I’ve elected to remove those from the final image to enhance the eerie abandoned feeling. I also removed the distracting red exit sign from the waaaaay back along with the two random pedestrians. I removed my human light pole (thanks Travis!).

Enhance the texture and add some extra color here and there really helps bring the quality of this image to the next level!

What do you think, should I have removed the modern day signage on the left side of the image? (Did you even notice it until I pointed it out?)”


Philadelphia in the spring!

“There is so much happening in this image! Michelle and Chris are HUGE Philadelphia city fans and really wanted THE photo at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps overlooking the city. At dusk on a nice day, it is quite busy on this end of the city!

My goal for this image was to create peace. As much as I wish I could always remove every single car and person from the background of our images, it’s just not always possible. In this case, I lessened the distractions in the background (for example, if I couldn’t remove a vehicle, I dimmed the headlights when possible).

Obviously I removed myself (oh hey there!) and leveled and brightened the entire image. The final image is just how I like to picture the city from the top of the steps! Peaceful!”


Now for the removal of modern electricity.

“Telephone poles and wires can make you very aware of your environment. So, when possible I try to remove them (fortunately in this case it worked very well!). A little clean up of a dead grass patch and added color pop and correction finished this photograph of a romantic moment for Katie and Matt.”


I wish I was at the beach today!!!!

“A little summertime beach PSA. Please clean-up after yourselves! (but hey, it looks like someone had a great time!)

Such a great moment between Kelli and Kevin…. only to be distracted by a red solo cup. Not to worry, Jen to the rescue.

Removed the distractions from the picture. Warmed up the color temperature a bit (chilly afternoon on the beach!). Enhanced the texture. Pretty picture perfect now!”


A little love from the top of a mountain.

Do you ever feel like… you’re being watched? During Jaya and Matt’s portrait time after their ceremony, it was the videographer’s turn to create some magic. As we waited at a safe distance for the drone shot they were doing, I elected to create this image to try to capture the drone flying over.

Ultimately, the drone doesn’t show up very much in focus in this version of the image. I adore the chemistry between our newlyweds, so I decided to let the couple have a “private” moment and remove the drone from the sky. Also bumped the contrast to remove some of the mountain haze and added a bit of saturation. What do you think?


Thanks for the fun guys! I’ll be updating and posting additional edits (hoping I can try to make one for every session… but we’ll see what the summer brings!).

Thank you for taking the time to go on this journey through post processing!  If you like taking a look “behind the scenes” let us know and we will continue push the curtain back on the crazy world of Uncorked Studios!

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