Be Hoppy Together Engagement | Valley Forge National Historical Park | King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


Tess & John’s Engagement Session Highlights

Two go-getters that love to have a good time and hangout? I’m interested!

We met Tess and John under the Memorial Arch at Valley Forge National Historical Park on a sunny September Sunday afternoon. Tess had her heart set on a autumn feel for their engagement photos, and though the air was still warm, their spirits were ready for fall! I love their dedication to the vests and flannel in the 70 degree weather.

After a handful of pictures at Valley Forge’s icon, we headed down the road to Knox’s Quarters. Knox’s Quarter’s at Valley Forge National Historical Park has been under construction for the past handful of years, so Tess and John were the first couple we’ve photographed in this section of the Park. I feel like I want to keep it a secret because it is such a fun hidden gem. I may be in love with the green barn doors that we photographed next to.

We took a teeny tiny iced tea break in the middle of the session. This duo loves loves loves beer (they are part of a local mug club together) so it was important that they might be able to share a few drinks together for their engagement photos. Since there is a strict NO ALCOHOL policy at Valley Forge National Park, the pair filled their favorite bottles with some Lipton’s Iced Tea and had a fresh beverage for some photos. Great thinking!

To sum up their session, we ended up BACK at the Memorial Arch to capture a bit of sunset. We had a few minutes to wait for the sun to find it’s peek setting colors and Tess and John just cuddled under the evening sky. I love watching two people get lost in the world together. How often do you just sit and watch the sunset with someone you love?

It was so nice to watch their personalities compliment each other during the session. They love to spend time together, whether it’s a sports game, having a drink, or going on an adventure together, you can say these two are ready for the big day. June can’t come fast enough!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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