Everything You Want is an Adventure Away – Engagement | John James Audubon Center | Audubon, Pennsylvania


Molly & Chris’ Engagement Session Highlights

As we have said before we always love an adventure… and Molly and Chris’ engagement session contained a bit of weather adventure.

The day started with a downpour. This always brings some amazing clouds and gives everything a beautiful wash. We thought we were safe. HOWEVER… by the time we met up with Molly and Chris for their engagement session started to photograph the skies went from  blue and the sunny to dark and a bit well, scary. You know, I said, we thought we were safe…..

Fortunately for us, Molly and Chris are up for an adventure. These almost-weds are a great couple who have the kind of chemistry where they just “click”. Things are not forced or pushed, and their subtle mannerisms coincide with each other’s perfectly. It’s the kind of chemistry where no matter what is happening around them, you know when they are together they are in their own world. It was fantastic to observe and pleasure to be around.

The engagement shoot took place at the gorgeous John James Aubobon Center nestled in peaceful Audobon, Pennsylvania.  The center is an absolute amazing bird sanctuary. It contains miles and miles of maintained trails along with scenic rolling hills and an orchard. It is truly a picturesque location (pun intended) and a jewel in the Philadelphia suburbs. As the engagement session progressed, we started to notice the clouds to be come larger, darker, and more ominous. We were hoping we would luck out, but with a crack of thunder it started to rain. We could tell right away it wasn’t going to rain hard and we were close enough to our cars we made a dash and hid where it was dry.

As we waited for the rains to part, we had a change to really get to know about Molly and Chris. Not only did we hear about their wedding plans, we got to hear about their travel, and their summer activities and other adventure. We love learning about our clients and it was fantastic talking to them as we waited for the rain to pass. Once the rain had moved through, we continued our session highlighting the gorgeous stone barn on premise and the scenic apple orchard. We would like to thank Molly and Chris for a great time and we look forward to what they have in store for their wedding!

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