Gangster Squad – the Whole Gang is Here! | Willow Brook Farm, Catasuqua, Pennsylvania | Shanon & Tony’s Engagement Session Highlights


Gangster Squad – the Whole Gang is Here!
Willow Brook Farm, Catasuqua, Pennsylvania
Shanon & Tony’s Engagement Session Highlights

Tony and Shanon told us from the minute they met us that their engagement session had to be crazy, awesome, out-of-this-world… oh, and there had to be tommy guns.

This session took a good amount of pre-planning to make happen (over a year!). Tony and Shanon wanted their entire bridal party to participate – which meant coordinating 20 different schedules. It was chosen to be a gangster / flapper / 1920’s theme so there were costumes and props involved with the planning. Tony even surprised us with a vintage car!

It was easily decided that Willow Brook Farm would be the perfect backdrop for this photo session. The rustic farm wedding location allowed us to transport our models back in time by using some of the original barns on property. The ladies arrived in red flapper dresses and the guys arrived in head to toe black suits. We did a safety check with our safety officer (very important when you have props on set!) and got down to business.

DISCLAIMER: These stunts and props are handled by professionals with safety training.
PLEASE do not attempt to recreate these images without proper knowledge of what’s safe and capable.

Everyone stayed in character during the shot and we created some amazing images. We chose to edit in 3 different styles (really different from what you normally see from Uncorked Studios), because we wanted the final product to reflect the old time theme. Check out their highlight video for our vivid color images, desaturated images, and old-timey black and white throwback images.

Now, never rat on your friends, and keep your mouth shut (GoodFellas) and check out the magic we created with Tony, Shanon, and their bridal party!

Being Engaged. Becoming Uncorked.

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